Chambray and Rosé

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to the North Carolina Wine Festival in Clemmons. There were 29 wineries from throughout the state with tents there, it was so much fun! I've only been 21 for a few months, so my taste in wine is much more on the sweet side, and most of the wine tasting tents had just that! It was gorgeous day to spend outside, and this is what I wore for it.

Dress: BCBG (old, similar), Bag: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Jack Rogers, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Bracelets: Loft, Moon and Lola c/o RocksBox (use code "caralinastylexoxo" for your first month free!), Ring: Kendra Scott (white no longer available), Earrings: Kendra Scott c/o Rocks Box

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Cinch Polls Party

Today I am having a "party" with Cinch Polls!
Cinch Polls is an app for smart phones where users can ask questions like "Which photo should I post on Instagram", "What should I make for dinner?" and other simple questions that you just want some extra opinions on. The questions can be voted and commented on by other users of the app. 

I am using this app as a way to interact with my readers, you can answer my questions today like "Which look should go on the blog first?", "How should I style this piece of jewelry?" and questions along the same lines. You can choose the order of my posts, what will be my Instagram feed, and what might in some future posts!  I will also be voting on any polls addressed to me, you can tag me and ask something such as "Cara (@caralinastyle), what outfit should I wear today?" with photos attached or "Which look is your favorite?" also with photos, or anything with options like that.

Here are some examples from the app:

Download the app to join the party! If you have any questions for me on the Cinch Polls app, address them to @caralinastyle!

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! 
I hope everyone has had a lovely long weekend! I've spent mine hanging out at home with my family at the NC Wine Festival with my boyfriend, which I'll be posting more about later this week. We also saw American Sniper on Saturday at the $2 theater, which I think was timed very well because I think made me really appreciate this holiday. So now I've rounded up some of my past red, white, and blue posts!
from last year's 4th of July post

also from last August

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Palm Print

One of my favorite trends over the past year or so might be how many things are featured in a palm frond print. I love the summery feel and makes me want to go to the beach! Even though I'm not planning on going to any beaches this summer, I don't own anything in this print, but I think that could be changing sometime soon. Here are some of my favorite pieces!
Palm Print

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Junior Year of College

I have officially finished my junior year of college! 

I am also graduating a semester early, so it's of crazy to think about how I only have 1 semester left! Since I found out I was graduating early, it kind of surprised me since I changed my major sophomore year, I have really just been trying to enjoy all of the time that I have left in college. I've been realizing the little things I won't be able to do anymore like take naps in the middle of the day, sleep until 11 because I don't have anything to do until 5 in the middle of the week, go out on Wednesday nights, and other things that just won't really work when I go into the real world. 
So here is a little year in review:

My room at the very beginning of the year

I interned at a local art museum fall semester, I really loved dressing up for it twice a week, especially before it got cold. 

We got a lot of snow, as always. Last year we were #1 snowiest city in America, this year we dropped down to #5 I think.
Biggest pro of graduating early: I will only have to deal with the November and early December part of winter up there. 

The slight lack of snow was made up for with the coldest weather I have ever experienced. When this photo was taken, it was -17 degrees with windchill of around -30. I literally looked like this for at least 2 weeks every time I went outside, blanket scarves were my best friends along with my giant coat and several layers! 

But I turned 21 in that time, so that made things a little better!

And once we finally got some spring weather (it took until about mid April) it made things worth it, my campus is so beautiful in the spring!

I also completed my dance minor this semester. 
If you're a new reader, I've trained in ballet since I was very young and I entered college as a dance major. I left the south for college to go the school I now attend (but don't say the name for privacy reasons) for that program, but I realized about halfway through my freshman year that I didn't want to dance anymore. And by the end of that year, I got a stress fracture in my spine. So I dropped to a dance minor and picked up an Arts Management major, so I will still be involved in the arts, but on the administrative side. This photo is with the other juniors in the department at our end of year banquet. 

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Midi Skirt

I have always really loved midi skirts since they became a trend over the past year or so. I think they are just so pretty and elegant! I love this one Light In The Box sent me, it's so fun and I plan on wearing it to a few things this summer! Also, I'm officially all done with school and home for the summer. I'll be interning, working, and doing lots of blogging :)

Top: Tory Burch (old-via Rue La La, similar), Skirt: c/o Light In The Box, Shoes: Belk (old, similar, similar), Bracelets: Loft (knot, druzy), Earrings: Kendra Scott, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Ring: Kendra Scott, Nails: Ciate Strawberry Milkshake

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Neutral Summer Wedges

I really love wearing wedges sandals and espadrilles in the summer. They dress things up but are usually much more comfortable than heels, but can also still be pretty casual depending on the style. My favorite part about them is if you're spending time outside they don't sink into grass! I have 2 pairs that I wear with a good amount of outfits, but I don't really have a very neutral pair that goes with everything and that is what this post is for! Here are some of my favorite wedges that could go with anything you might want to wear this summer.

Untitled #164

1- Steve Madden Radli Wedge Sandal
2- Jack Rogers Clare Rope Wedge Sandal
3- Sam Edelman Harmony Wedges
4- Sam Edelman Sylvia Wedge Sandals
5- J. Crew Seville Espadrille Wedges (I have them in neon yellow, they got marked down to about $20 last year and they're super comfortable!)
6- Steve Madden Seaside Wedge Sandal

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Finals Week Inspiration

Happy Finals Week! It seems like every school but mine is already done with finals but mine are today and tomorrow and then I'm headed south for the summer! 
I'm really trying not to be super stressed this time around since I usually have 5 finals, but I only have 3 this time.

However, I have still spent this entire weekend in the library with either water or coffee on hand and feeling a bit like Rory Gilmore here, sorry for the lack of posts on most social platforms lately!
The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams

So for everyone else who is stressing out
It always seems impossible until it's done.

The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams

Good luck! 

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Mini Totes

I feel like mini totes have become really popular over the past few years or so, and I think they are just too cute! I don't usually carry really big bags because I just can't fill them. I have a lot of small, about clutch sized crossbody bags but I find them just a little too small, so I think these would be a perfect size for me. Here are some of my favorites!

Mini Tote Bags

1. Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Harmony Tote
2. Tory Burch Kerrington Mini Square Tote
3. Nine West Helena Mini Tote
4. Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote Mini (my favorite!)
5. Ann Taylor Mini Pebbled Signature Tote (the best price)
6. Gigi New York Mini Python Embossed Tote
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Look for Less: Street Style

I've looking at a lot of Street Style posts from Pinterst and Tumblr lately and I thought I would figure out some similar looks for less! hopefully this might turn into a series with a few looks per post from bloggers and celebrities. And I hope to find similar items all under $100! However, I always look for quality pieces when I'm shopping, so these are less expensive but not super cheap alternatives. 
The first look is brought to us by the gorgeous Poppy Delevingne
Poppy Delevingne in a preppy chic blue combination. The print makes it far from dull, very inspiring for office style #workwear #officefashion
Here is a similar look for less:
Poppy Delevingne Look for Less
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