Rosé All Day

I don't think it would shock anyone if I said that I think rosé is a very important part of summer. Actually, I am a year-round rosé drinker, #cantstopwontstop. When I look at wine lists at restaurants, the first thing I look for is a rosé. I have probably used all of the rosé-related hashtags out there on Instagram at some point or another, like #roseallday, #yeswayrose, etc. Call me basic all you want, I just really love a good rosé. I think it is appropriate for any occasion, from celebrating a holiday to any old Tuesday. So, I recently had a weeknight wine and cheese happy hour with my friend Kathryn after work last week, with some rosé from Personal Wine.

Personal Wine can make your rosé (or any other wine) special with a custom label or bottle engraving. Whether you are celebrating a friend's engagement, your mom's birthday, or just want to make your weeknight glass of wine a little more fun, they have something for you! There are pre-made labels you can customize, or you can even upload your own photo. I chose the fun weather forecast label shown above, and even got my blog name printed like it is the name of a wine! I also got another label I will be sharing later on Instagram from an upcoming bachelorette weekend!

I will admit I don't know much about the specifics of wine, but I am a big fan of this selection of rosé. I prefer a rosé that is lighter colored, I have heard they are more comparable to a white wine, which I always pick over red wine. I thought this particular rosé was light, slightly on the drier end, and had a lot of flavor.  I tend to buy some lower priced bottles, and I thought this rosé tasted a lot like some of the more expensive bottles I have tried before like Whispering Angel and Miraval. But if rosé isn't your thing, you can also customize a variety of reds and whites. Including my second favorite type of wine, prosecco! There are also plenty of wine and entertaining accessories like wine glasses, wine totes, cutting boards, and more!

Thank you to Personal Wine for providing the wine for this post!

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Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Week 2

Welcome back to my Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series! If you missed last week, I am styling 21 outfits for 21 work days in July from just 21 pieces. You can view the breakdown of those pieces here. This is a continuation of my Winter Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series back in February. So here is week 2, or as I should probably call it, "gingham week". You may know from my Instagram I am on vacation this week, so no, I am not wearing every outfit listed to work on these dates. This is just the plan I would follow if I was working this week.

Wednesday, July 11th

Thursday, July 12th

Friday, July 13th

Monday, July 16th

Tuesday, July 17th

Check back next week for the next set of outfits!

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Green Stripe Ruffle Sleeve Top

You may have noticed I have developed an obsession with anything green, like this fun ruffle top! Although I have to say the photo on the website shows (what I thought were) navy hearts on the green stripes, but it arrived as green stripes with green hearts. Which is totally fine with me, but good to know if you had your "heart" set on navy (see what I did there?). I styled it with one of the straw monogram bags from my Etsy shop, although this one is unfortunately out of stock at the moment. I'm hoping to get some more in soon, but I also have the straw tote and burlap bag available!

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Navy Active Set + Why I've Been Posting More Fitness Content

You may have noticed I have been posting more fitness related content around here on the blog. I feel like my Instagram feed doesn't show it that much, but my Story post and blog posts do. I love sharing my style and shopping finds, but the fashion blogging world has changed quite bit since I started as a freshman in college. I have been enjoying posting more fitness content as a break from being all fashion, all the time. In fashion blogging, there is sort of perception of never wearing the same thing twice, and a pressure to always have the newest items. If you are unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing works, (aka whenever a blogger says something along the lines of "shop my outfit via LiketoKnow.It"), it is an opportunity to make commission. The highest converting posts are of exact items in the newest styles. This can be really tough to maintain, even when I wear a lot of classic pieces that are brought back year after year. I recently realized how much of my closet has only been worn once or twice, or even only for photos. It just gets excessive, and I typically only post 1 outfit per week! I view it as the old "you have to spend money to make money" to be successful and work with brands. But I like to be practical on the blog. As much as I love shopping, finding a great sale, or a dress that just makes you feel great when you wear it, you only need so many of those. I may not always be able to find the best similar options when I post older items (or sale items that are new but low in stock/sold out by the time I post), but it is my real wardrobe. At this point in my life, I would rather spend the money I could spend on yet another dress or pair of shoes on several fitness classes, dinners out with friends, contribute to weekend trips, etc.  

I have also been a little frustrated with blogging as a whole, because there is a perception that your follower count on Instagram determines the influence of your entire brand. Which has caused some shady behaviors across the platform to raise that number. If you haven't heard about any of these follower growth hacks, I recommend reading this post that breaks down a variety of these tactics (from having bots like/follow/comment on your behalf, to buying the blue verification checkmark), and this one about loop giveaways (when 20 girls all post the same Gucci bag). I'm not saying only fashion bloggers use these tactics, but I feel much less of this pressure when I post fitness related content. Fitness is an investment in your physical health, and I would really like to regularly incorporate a little more of that into this blog. I will obviously keep the regularly scheduled outfits going on Mondays. And I'm not saying my passion for blogging is gone. But it always feels like I am not doing enough. It is like I am always trying to catch up with things like posting links to social channels, applying to collaborations, trying to keep up with what everyone else is posting, and I never do catch up. I have a full time job, and the blog is just for fun. Some days I get really caught up in the comparison trap, or disappointed in myself that I'm not working with as many brands as I used to, and it just is not as fun as it once was. But posting things like my workout routine or some new foods I want to try, has been bringing some of the fun back!

To sum it all up, fitness content is my preferred way to break up all of the fashion content, because it reflects where my life is right now. As you may have seen in my Fitness Friday series, I typically work out around 6 days per week. I know I don't really have the motivational or empowering angle in my posts, which is one of the reasons I follow certain fitness blogs. But I just like to show my real life, not just outfit after outfit I potentially may never wear again after the photoshoot.  I'm not sure if what anyone who reads here wants to read any of that, but I enjoy offering content in a new vertical. Ever since I stopped dancing in college, fitness has been such a great source of positivity in my life. I want to share more about that, because I feel like I don't have much to say in other aspects. Activewear doesn't quite give the excitement of real clothes, but it is very practical for me. As I mentioned earlier, I have a closet full of real clothes. But I don't have a whole lot of activewear in comparison. Not to mention, I tend to feel more confident in myself in fitness photos. Maybe because I get some nostalgia after taking ballet photos for most of high school. Or, maybe because I am not worrying about if my hair is curled enough or if my makeup is just right, like I sometimes do in outfit posts. I've also mentioned before that posting about my fitness goals holds me accountable to them. I think I have created some healthier habits, so I can report back in my next fitness post that I was able to do it. I have been eating healthier and getting a little more sleep over the last few months. Caralina Style is not becoming a fitness blog, but I just thought I would lay out my thoughts for why my blog content has slightly shifted.

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Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Week 1

Welcome to my Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe series! You may remember I did this for winter back in February (intro here and wrap up here). I will be styling 21 business casual outfits for 21 work days in July from 21 pieces. I really liked how this went in the winter because it got me to mix up pieces I already had in my closet. It also made me realize which pieces I wear the most to work. And if you are a new graduate building your workwear wardrobe, these are the versatile pieces I recommend finding first!

My 21 pieces for summer are:
5 Dresses

4 Skirts/Pants

7 Tops

4 pairs of shoes

Here is how it went for the first week:
Monday, July 2nd

Tuesday, July 3th

No work on Wednesday, July 4th

Thursday, July 5th

Friday, July 6th

Monday, July 9th

Tuesday, July 10th
Silk top | Skirt | Flats | Earrings c/o | Similar bag

Check back next week, for week 2!

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Olive Crop Tee

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Crop tee c/o | James Jeans white denim c/o | Similar wedges | Sunglasses | Baublebar for Target earrings c/o | Similar bag

I'm stepping a little out of my preppy box with crop tee, but I like it! As I've mentioned a few times before, I have drawn to just about anything olive green lately. I've seen a few workout tops with this knot detail in them, which is another reason why I liked this one. Of course it wouldn't be one of my outfits without a little gingham...these wedges are an old favorite I found for about $20 a few summer ago! The gingham is no longer available, but the same style is solid is always available, here!

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