New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

Happy almost 2014 everyone! Sorry I haven't made a post since I've been home, I had an amazing Christmas and I hope everyone else did too! I thought I would share some NYE party outfit ideas
NYE Outfit set 1

Pink Martini brown dress / Emilio Cavallini tight, $27 / Sole Society black high heel pumps / 14k yellow gold necklace / Kate Spade drop earrings / Kate Spade charm jewelry / Foil Gold 2014 Balloon Bouquet 4pc
I got this dress for Christmas and I wish I could wear it tonight, but I'm just going to a friend's house so it's a little too dressy

NYE outfit ideas set 2

J Crew sweater / Sequin skirt / Clair Fashion leopard print stocking / Forever 21 cut-out booties / J Crew bracelet / Abba handcrafted jewelry / Foil 2014 Star Cluster New Years Balloon 35in / Hinge 'Skinny Bow' Belt Black Medium/Large
I will be wearing something very close to this, I have this J. Crew sweater in a camel color with colorful flowers on it, this skirt in black and stud Loren Hope earrings similar to those dangly ones and bow tights from J. Crew Factory

NYE outfit ideas set 3

Ark Co racerback dress / Black nylon stocking / Betsey Johnson peep toe shoes / Bracelet jewelry / Bracelet jewelry / 12 Black Embossed Foil "2014" Graduation Happy New Year Cutout...
I love this dress so much, if I had it, I would probably style it like this

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!
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Pink,Green, and Navy in the Snow

Hi everyone! Today is my last day on campus before Christmas break, these past few weeks have been so stressful with final papers, presentations, and then final exams. It also has been really cold and snowing a lot.  But I'm so happy to be done for the semester and headed back to the south later today, and I'm wearing my favorite color combination, pink, green, and navy!

Coat: J. Crew Factory (sold out), Sweater: J. Crew (the navy is from last year), Jeans: J. Crew, Shirt: J. Crew (old), Necklace: TJ Maxx (but it's J. Crew inspired), Boots: Hunter

Thanks for reading!
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Holiday Party Wear

Hi everyone! This weekend has been full of Christmas related activities, including seeing the dance department's Christmas performance and the departmental Christmas party. So here is what I wore to watch the performances, please the excuse the bad pictures it was for some reason really dark out at 3pm and really cold out, so these were taken in our campus art gallery
Also: it's finals week so everything has been stressful but I'll be done on Wednesday, yay!

Sweater: Rugby Ralph Lauren (old), shirt: J. Crew (got it on sale in store for $28!), skirt: J. Crew, belt: Lilly Pulitzer, tights: J. Crew, headband: J. Crew (old), bracelet: Kiel James Patrick, earrings: Francesca's, boots: DSW (old)

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out Hannah's post as well!
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My Christmas Wishlist 2013

Hi everyone! I've been getting asked a lot recently what is on my Christmas wish list, so here it is with links! I should be studying for finals (I'm actually writing this in the library), but obviously I'm too excited to be home for Christmas
I'm still obsessed with Fair Isle sweaters, so I'm asking for this J. Crew one from last year (it's on eBay) and this Vineyard Vines one
These Sperry for J. Crew snow boots, I'm obsessed with the plaid

These Loren Hope studs
A North Carolina necklace to rep my home state at school
These adorable J. Crew Factory tights, they have bows on them, so I need them right?
J. Crew camp socks, basically my favorite thing to wear on my feet. I already have several colors, but a one or two more would be nice
Welly socks for my Hunters! I wanted the cable knit cuff ones but they're all sold out (at least in the kids sizes they are. Yes, I'm almost 20 and I wear kids rain boots)

Thanks for reading!
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My Old Hobby- Photography

Back in high school, I was really into photography.  I took 2 photography courses and I took a lot of photos for my dance studio. The summer after I graduated, I worked as a photographer in a water park.  When I worked there, we had to take 100 photos of park guests every hour we worked. After doing this for a whole summer, I basically just lost interest in picking up a camera for a while. Recently, I've been looking back at my old Flickr account and I just really miss it. I always have 2 emotions when I look back at those photos 1) I took too many artsy selfies that I don't really like anymore 2) Taking those pictures were all a lot of fun. 
I also was brought to this because one of my high school friends, Lindley who is now a photography major and just started her own blog, asked me about doing a photo shoot when we're home for Christmas, which is going to be so much fun! Anyways,  I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the past few years. 
Paris skyline
Paris 2011
One of my amazing dancer friends, Josie
Louis Vuitton Bags
Louis Vuitton in Paris 2011
Isabel in the window
Another one of my amazing dance friends, Isabel
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower that keeps getting uploaded to Tumblr without crediting me :(
Bokeh Background
One of the many artsy selfies
Out of focus chandelier
Eiffel Tower
More Eiffel Tower
Week 2
I had quite the obsession with taking pictures of flowers after it rained
Macarons at Laduree
Laudree <3
Freed Studios
My pointe shoes
More water drops
More rain drops
Pointe shoe reflection
My amazing dance friend Ashley got her pointe shoes wet for this shot

To see more, check out my Flickr Photostream, even though I haven't uploaded anything in almost 2 years...
Thanks for reading!
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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I just recently got back to campus from Thanksgiving weekend. I flew home on Tuesday night, and I ended up missing my connection due to delays from my first flight, thanks US Air. It was also snowing really hard as I was leaving, so I was lucky the flight even took off. I ended up running across the airport to another flight and was able to get back to NC that night. It was so nice to see my family, my boyfriend, and my dogs! I did a lot of shopping, made a lot of bows for my Etsy shop (thanks so much to everyone who placed an order!), and got to spend time with my family. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner, and we also took our Christmas card picture. Today I flew back to PA with surprisingly no issues. And in less than 2 weeks I'll be right back home for Christmas! I just have to get through several papers, presentations and exams until then. 
Anyways, here's my week in Instagrams (follow me if you don't already @cara_194)

My Mom surprised me with new bedding!
I found some amazing deals at my favorite stores!
This Lilly dress was $188, I got it for $75
The J. Crew top was $110, I got it for $28
The J. Crew jeans were $135, I got them for $20!
The tights weren't the best deal, $22, to $17 but I really like them
I had to decorate my little Christmas tree before I came back

I did end up going Black Friday shopping, I got Christmas presents for almost everyone on my list, and I got both  of these from TJ Maxx :)

It was so nice seeing my boyfriend again

So many bows! There were some more added to these, I was so happy to have so many great customers!

Family Christmas Card 2013, every year it's just me, my brother, and the dogs
Thanks for reading!
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