Fitness Friday 26

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! I have been amping up the outdoor workouts this month as more are becoming available, and I have really been enjoying it. As I'm mentioned in some recent fitness posts, it was pretty tough for me to stay motivated to workout at home with the limited space I have to move in. But I am almost back to the amount of classes I was going to pre-quarantine, just all outdoor with a video or two mixed in. I also have been back in the office (with plenty of distance and masks), so things are starting to feel a little bit like normal again.

Week of 8/3-8/9
Jabs Choreo (more about Jabs in this post)
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Jabs Bands

Week of 8/10-8/16
Barry's on PopSugar Fitness
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Jabs Lower Body Blast

Week of 8/17-8/23
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Neighborhood Barre with SweatNET Charlotte on a rooftop
Jabs Choreo x Lower Body

Week of 8/24-yesterday
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Pilates on PopSugar Fitness (it doesn't have music, so put a playlist on)
Sweat Method outdoor "FIIT" class: strength training with a little bit of yoga

I also have to share my friend Sophie, creator of the Ballet Fit Theory class I always go to, has a cardio finisher on PopSugar Fitness

  1. I'm on a bit of a smoothie kick at the moment, since I've been going to more outdoor classes I've been stopping at Smoothie King for the Greek yogurt strawberry blueberry. I need to find a recipe to make a similar one at home!
  2. I found this avocado toast recipe that has a some goat cheese as the first layer, and I love it as a small way to change things up.
  3. And on the snack front: I've been having a lot of a pretzel chips with hummus lately.


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