Fitness Friday 24

This is a 2 for 1 Fitness Friday post this month, because I was going to share May progress on June 5th and June progress on July 3rd. But there were much more important things going on in the first week of June.  I also don't have a whole lot to report because I can only do so many workouts in a tiny apartment before I lose some motivation. Luckily, one of my most visited studios, Fit Atelier has been offering outdoor classes over the last few weeks! I also have been trying to do more outdoor workouts to get some cardio in at TJ's house on weekends. If I didn't have those options, I'm not sure what I would be doing at this point!

Week of 5/4-5/10
West Kept Secret on SweatNET Streaming (use code "STREAMFREE" for a free month!)
Bloc Cardio Dance on SweatNET Streaming
@barretotable Instagram Live
Jabs Bands

Week of 5/11-5/17
Jabs on Instagram Live
Lots of beach walks

Week of 5/18-5/24
 Jabs Abs
Jabs Choreo
@barretotable Instagram Live

Week of 5/25-5/31
Hilliard Studio Method on SweatNET Streaming
Jabs Abs
Core704 on SweatNET Streaming

Week of 6/1-6/7
Jabs Choreo
Ballet Fit Theory (outdoors!) at Fit Atelier
Stretching on my own
F45 Training on SweatNET Streaming

Week of 6/8-6/14
Ballet Fit Theory (outdoors!) at Fit Atelier
@barretotable Instagram Live
Jabs "Mostly Abbing with a Little Jabbing"

Week of 6/15-6/21
Jabs Combos x Bands
Ballet Fit Theory (outdoors!) at Fit Atelier
Lower Body Burn on SweatNET Streaming

Week of 6/22-yesterday
@barretotable Instagram Live
Ballet Fit Theory (outdoors!) at Fit Atelier
Jabs Abs

A more consistent feature on my schedule lately has been Jabs Live, which are Zoom classes from the Jabs by Gina team from Equinox in New York! I've followed Gina on Instagram for quite awhile now, when Jabs was fairly new. She did a popup in Charlotte last year that I unfortunately was not able to attend as it was shortly after my hip labral tear. But her class has grown into a huge movement and she was actually on the Today show yesterday! Jabs is a really fun method and I love how her team has made it accessible for everyone during quarantine. There is a fee for each class, but they are all under $10. It is based in boxing but they have a great variety of class formats from choreo (my favorite!) to bands, to abs, and several more. I really like the accountability on being on Zoom for these classes. I've caught myself not fully participating with a video playing if I'm not being watched or following along with a class. Spots fill up very fast (especially before/after traditional work hours), so I've only been doing about one a week. But being able to access these classes is a definitely a highlight to this whole situation.

Really not much to report here. I've gotten lazier and lazier with the quarantine cooking, a lot of the same foods on rotation. A lot of toast or oatmeal for breakfast, smoothie bowls or lunch, and various frozen Trader Joe's meals for dinner. And I've picked up curbside greens and grains bowls from Cava more than a few times. But one thing I have been putting a little more effort into is making french press coffee!


Thanks for reading!

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