Changing Things Up

I've been thinking a lot about my style lately, and I think I'm getting tired of it. I used to always ignore people when they said Lilly prints look like grandma prints, but now I'm starting to see it myself. Why do I wear so many bright colors and prints, and monograms? How many things really need my initials on them? I think I'm going to start really changing up my style, I've been inspired by the looks I have listed below. They just look so much more simple and comfortable. And probably more suited for a college lifestyle than the button downs, statement jewelry, and structured dresses I always wear. 
Now there's nothing wrong with any of these pieces, they just aren't my style. I am in no way hating on, or joking about the items in general. They could look amazing on a lot of people! I just don't think they would look good on me. The main reason is a lot of the long dresses and jackets simply would not work with my 5'2 height. And as for the open shirts and crop tops, I just like to stay a little more covered.
I really like a lot of the other products these websites sell actually, like the Free People rompers, Urban Outfitters dresses, and plenty of  the more basic and girly pieces from Forever 21. But, I have no intentions of changing anything about my style. My bright colors and classic pieces are here to stay :)
Thanks for reading!
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  1. I started reading this and was like OH MY GOD WHAT IS GOING ON.. but I forgot that it's April 1st. Haha good one, you definitely got me!