Staying In a Workout Routine During the Holidays

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Ellie Activewear set c/o | Nikes

As this post is going live, I will be in a workout class, my last one before Thanksgiving! I'm heading to Greensboro for a little bit, for some family time and lots of food! My work schedule requires me to be back in Charlotte by Friday, but I will be away from my regular studios for a few days over the holiday season. Or as I'm seeing this week, my regular studios only hold classes during the hours I am at work. So to keep up with my workouts, I plan on using some of the apps and videos I mentioned in this post from October.  I know it is common to keep up with workouts during the holidays to cancel out extra holiday food, but I personally just really enjoy having some movement in my day. I also have a pretty crazy few weeks coming up at work, so I am more prepared for the day if I work out before I head to the office. Or, I can look forward to ending a work day with some movement. Or for an added bonus (that may be extra helpful for this time of year), a little movement usually cures hangovers for me! So check out my Insta stories to see if I can keep up, I'll be reporting back during my next Fitness Friday post!

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  1. Love this workout outfit, it's so adorable!

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com