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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This is my monthly roundup of workouts, sharing my attempts at creating healthier eating habits, and some activewear out now! I did a few more home workouts than usual between some traveling and just busy weeks where I find it easier to make some quick workouts at home fit in my schedule. I think the holidays may make staying in my routine a bit of a challenge, but I also need to start challenging myself to go to sleep earlier. I got some great suggestions on a recent Instagram post, we will see if I can provide an update on how that goes next month. And in case you missed them, here are my fitness updates from September and October.

Week of 11/4-11/11
"Jet, Set, and Tone" video on PopSugar Fitness
Hot yoga at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Interval at AIR Aerial Fitness
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Aerial yoga at AIR Aerial Fitness
FlyFit pop-up with Flywheel Sports at Legion Brewing

Week of 11/12-11/18
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
Barre at First Wind Cycling and Fitness
Cardio dance with MisFIT Dance
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Barre at AIR Aerial Fitness

Week of 11/19-11/25
Reform at Pure Barre
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier (my friend Sophie's new class, it's amazing!)
Home for Thanksgiving- gym time at my parent's country club
Yoga Sculpt on Obé Fitness
Define Sculpt on Obé  Fitness

Week of 11/26-today
Interval at Air Aerial Fitness
H3 (interval hot yoga) at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Yoga sculpt on Obé  Fitness
HIIT Circuit at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
SweatNET ambassador event at Ebb & Flow
Blacklight Chakti yoga with SweatNET Charlotte

I ended up with 21 workouts since my last post! I think that is pretty decent considering I was in Clemson one weekend, Atlanta another weekend, and spent a few days in Greensboro for Thanksgiving in the middle of last week. I also went to a fun SweatNET event with a quick workout and a little ambassador meetup this week. I'm also very excited for another round of blacklight Chakti yoga (that as this post is published) tonight! Those are just a few offerings along with the discounts I get on classes from being a SweatNET member. If you're local and into fitness, you should definitely join, here!

  1. I didn't really try any new recipes or new foods since my last post, but I mentioned in my recent Day in My Life post that I have been meal prepping my lunches for work and trying to find alternatives to sandwiches. I have been consistent for about 3 weeks now with packing a hard boiled egg, an oatmeal almond butter bite (from this recipe), and some fruit. Usually an apple and grapes or strawberries, along with some Skinny Pop popcorn.
  2. I have mentioned in this skincare post (and I think a few of these recent fitness posts) that I have been limiting cheese, after I discovered it has been helping my skin (a lot!). Actually dairy as a whole, but cheese was the main issue for me. I have been pretty consistent with it this month, even at restaurants. Which I thought was going to be more difficult than it has been. For example, at a favorite Mexican spot I switched my favorite quesadilla and chips with queso to tacos without any cheese and chips with salsa. Or, I took the cheese out of a chicken sandwich at another restaurant. But again, I'm only limiting not completely cutting out dairy. So when I was with my family a few weekends ago and pizza was the only option, I still enjoyed the pizza! I also still regularly eat feta cheese with eggs and salads. I don't think I could ever give that up! Although I have seen some vegan cheeses I've been meaning to try, I'll report back if I end up trying any of them.
  3. I have also recently found two snacks that seem decently healthy for packaged snacks. I have been enjoying these quinoa chips that I first actually found at Rite Aid, but I also found at Whole Foods and Publix. And these s'more flavored rice cakes, which I weirdly enough have only seen at Rite Aid so far.

Thanks for reading!

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