Fitness Friday IX

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This is my monthly roundup of my workout schedule, new foods aI have been trying, and some cute activewear picks. I was traveling 3 out of the 4 weekends this month, so I went a few less workouts than usual. I tried quite a few new classes with familiar people, and if you read my last Fitness Friday post or my recent acne post, I made some decent progress in eating less diary! In case you missed them, here are my Fitness Friday posts from August and September!

Week of 9/30-10/6
Cycle and Stretch on the Peloton app
Barre at Barre 3 (free!)
Signature (barre) at Physique57 (in NYC)
Lots of walking visiting NYC for a long weekend

Week of 10/7-10/13
I caught a cold in NYC, so I only did hot yoga for a few days
Deep Stretch at Be Yoga
Slow Flow Beats at Yoga One
Hot yoga at Y2 Yoga

Week of 10/14-10/20
"Beyond the Barre" on ClassPass Go app
Interval at AIR Aerial Fitness
Cardio Dance at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Reform at Pure Barre

Week of 10/21-10/27
Silent Disco Yoga with SweatNET (free!)
Cycle at Jamie Scott Fitness (free!)
Cardio Dance at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Barre at AIR

Week of 10/28-yesterday
Barre/Pilates as part of a Club Pilates pop-up class at Athleta (free!)
West Kept Secret (HIIT) at Fit Atelier
Cardio Dance at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
FlyFit at Flywheel Sports

I ended up with 18 workouts since my last Fitness Friday post, which is a little less than usual. Mostly because I traveled to NYC for 5 days the first week (although I did go to a barre class there) in October, Charleston for 3 days the second week, and Clemson/Greenville for 3 days the following week! Plus after catching a cold in NYC, I needed some rest days. During all of that traveling, I missed quite a few workout events in Charlotte as well. SweatNET partners with studios around the city to put on free workouts several times per month (including an upcoming silent disco yoga at an aquarium!), if you're local, you can join here!
I did still end up trying a few new workouts though! You may have noticed I went to Cardio Dance at the brand new Ebb & Flow Movement Studio a few times. My friend Sophie teaches a variety of classes there, and the cardio dance has been SO much fun! Starting your day with a dance class really sets up a great mindset for the rest of the day!
I have also tried some new classes at familiar studios: Reform at Pure Barre, and FlyFit at Flywheel. I haven't taken a regular Pure Barre class in over a year, but I heard about the new Reform class and had to give it a try. It felt like a full-body class, but I thought it was a great core workout, my abs were sore for days! I also really liked FlyFit, and I'm happy the Charlotte Flywheel studio started teaching it over the last few months. It was more of a HIIT/strength training class that used heavier weights than this barre-goer typically uses. However I really surprised myself with the weights I was able to use throughout class! If you told me I would do a series of glute bridges with 27 pounds on my hips I would not have believed it, but I did it!

  1. I'm trying to get back into cooking more, and one recipe I found was for pesto zoodles! I made it for TJ the other day, and it wasn't fantastic, but we both liked it. We sort of agreed that we like zoodles, but they will never replace real noodles.
  2. I found another salad recipe I really liked, made with apples and avocados. The recipe has a dressing included to make, but I just bought the Annie's Goddess dressing to go with it. It seemed to be based with the same ingredients listed in the recipe.
  3. I also sort of became a little obsessed with Lenny Boy Kombucha this month. I went to their taproom a few weeks ago and they had kombucha mixed with champagne. I had never seen anything like that before so I tried it, and I loved it! Since then I have bought several bottles in the "Lost Rose", "Mint Conidition" and "Lavenderade" flavors. Oh, but without alcohol this time. 
  4. I had heard a lot of good things about RX bars before, but something kept me from trying them for awhile. Until a few weeks ago when I visited the new Whole Foods in uptown Charlotte, that had so many flavors to choose from. I have tried out a few of the flavors, and chocolate peanut butter is my favorite so far!


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow Cara, you always inspire me to get my booty in the gym and get more workouts in! So glad you loved Reform- I'm obsessed!