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Welcome back to Fitness Friday! 2018 is coming to a close, and I managed to keep up the series since I started it last February, and I'm excited to continue it going into 2019! In case you missed them, here are the posts from November and October. So you probably know how it goes by know, this is my monthly roundup of workouts, food habits, and activewear picks. December has been interesting from a fitness standpoint because it was a very busy time at work, I traveled to Colorado for my best friend's wedding, went right to my parent's house for Christmas, and got sick once I got back to Charlotte. So as I am typing this, I haven't worked out in a full week. I don't think I have gone an entire week without exercise in probably two years. I don't really feel guilty about it, but I miss it. I work out because I enjoy it, not because I think I need to. So here's hoping I feel better within the next few days to get back in a studio!

Week of 12/3-12/9
Barre and Interval back to back at AIR Aerial Fitness
Rocket yoga at The Space (free with SweatNET)
F45 Fitness pop-up preview class (free)
Define Sculpt on Obe Fitness
Hot yoga at VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness
Choreography on Obe Fitness

Week of 12/10-12/16
Cycle/Kickboxing at First Wind Cycling and Fitness
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
HIIT at Ebb & Flow Movement Studio
Barre at AIR Aerial Fitness
Define Sculpt on Obe Fitness

Week of 12/17-12/23
Air at AIR Aerial Fitness
Barre at First Wind Cycling and Fitness
Aerial yoga at AIR Aerial Fitness
Yoga on ClassPass GO app

Week of 12/24-today
Nothing, I took Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and then got sick when I came back to Charlotte for work

I ended up with 15 workouts in December, which is surprising due to not working out at all this week. But I really went for it the first week of December, partially because my boyfriend was out of town, and I always go to more classes when he travels for work. I had a few home workouts on Obe Fitness and a fun one through SweatNET Charlotte. If you're local to Charlotte, they have some exciting things coming for the new year, and you can join here!

  1. I have no guilt about indulging during the holidays. Between parties with friends, my best friend's wedding weekend, and spending Christmas with my family I enjoyed a lot of cookies, chocolates, and champagne. And quite a bit of dairy, there was a lot of cheese at holiday parties, but I did still limit how much I ate of that for the sake of avoiding my face breaking out. But I did keep up with meal prepping my lunches for work and decently healthy dinners until the week before Christmas.
  2. As you may have guessed from above, I don't really have any new healthy recipes I have tried this month. I did make quite a few cookie recipes and put together some fruit kabobs for my office work party.
  3. Although I can say I have been trying varieties of kombucha. I've mentioned before I love the (local to Charlotte) Lenny Boy kombucha but I have also been trying Health Ade (pomegranate flavor) and Brew Dr. (mint lemonade flavor), and I really like those as well!

After Christmas edition, it's all on sale!

Thanks for reading!

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