Fall Decor

I've always said I'm never a big fan of fall...mostly because I just love summer. It also means we are one step closer to winter. However, I have enjoyed decorating the house for fall! After a few DIY projects and painting our living room (with Benjamin Moore's White Dove) I'm excited to share some of it! I made this tassel ghost garland by following this tutorial and made the bows with a ribbon from Michael's.

I loved combining the textures in these pumpkins on the mantle. My mom made the velvet ones with real pumpkin stems, and I found the knit ones (with cinnamon stick stems) at a local antique store.

I was not sure what to do with this blue and white piece that I picked up last year. It was actually first used to hold the cards at our wedding, but I wasn't quite sure how to make use of it again. However, I really liked how these gourds fit in it!

My console table got a little seasonal update! These mini pumpkins fit right into a little blue and white bowl (that I also wasn't sure what to do with) and hanging the preserved boxwood wreath with the same ribbon I used on the mantle garland.

I re-purposed the small amount of fall decor I used to have in my Charlotte apartment in the guest room/my office. I found the hot pink pumpkins (with glittery stems) at an antique store last year!

The other side of the room with mini pumpkins from Target.

I got a little too eager to decorate the front steps and bought my mums a little too early. I was also pleasantly surprised by the yellow/orange mums growing in these pots left by the previous homeowners. So they unfortunately are the only ones left, but we enjoyed the white and purple ones while they lasted!

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