"Love Your Purse" with Luxe Link! Product Review and Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I'm teaming up with Luxe Link, a company based in Los Angeles to show you how to "love your purse" by hanging it instead of putting on the gross floor/ground! They sent me 3 of their patented purse hangers (with a really sweet Valentine note!), and I'm giving away 2 of them! These links have 2 US patents and they can also double as a bag charm! Also use code SOUTHERNSAVVY20 for 20% off your order!

The 3 lovely links! Pink swarovski crystal, houndstooth and a pink floral!
They have magnets on the back so it stays on the table

The packaging is just too cute, each one says "love your purse!" on the inside

Step 1: unwrap the links
Step 2: extend the pin
Step 3: put it on the table
4: hang your bag there
I first hung my large/wristlet clutch on it 

Next I tried a larger tote bag to test the weight

Holds up great!

Lastly, I tried my very large dance bag

And even holds this up!

So to conclude, these hold bags super well! I'm not a big handbag person myself, I was in high school but when I got to college I just kinda stopped carrying them (I actually sold most of mine) but these are even great for large tote bags! They hold them to keep them off the ground and they can be put on the bag when you're carrying them! Enter below, 2 people will one of these links!

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  1. These are so cute! I have never seen anything like it! :) I have an off white Steve Madden bag right now so I need one of these!!! :)

    Love Always,