Graduation Weekend

Last December, I graduated from Mercyhurst University, a small catholic school in Erie, Pennsylvania. We do not have a fall semester graduation ceremony, so last weekend I headed back up there with my family for all of the graduation festivities. I reflected on my whole experience more in this post just after leaving Erie, and this post a few weeks after. I had so much fun this weekend, and it was so great to see all of my friends again! And I even got to see some extended family members that I don't get to see very often.

Since I graduated a semester, early I never really felt senioritis or that "done with college" feeling. I really tried to cherish everything that happened my last semester, knowing that my experience was ending before my friends. I wasn't quite ready to leave in December, but I'm glad I did. I think if I stayed I would have been sick of it all, and not appreciated this weekend nearly as much as I did. 

Whenever I missed my friends over the last few months, I always told myself that I had graduation weekend to see them again. And once I knew that was ending, it made me really emotional. I may or may not have cried during the ceremony...I guess I was just really lucky to have an experience so great, that it made saying goodbye so hard.

My best friend, Hannah has been on the blog quite a few times before. We have lived together since sophomore year, and I have missed her so much this last semester!

A huge thank you to my family for making all of this possible!

The gorgeous ladies of the dance department
If you didn't know, I originally went to Mercyhurst for the ballet based dance program, and graduated with a minor in dance.

My best friends since freshman year, we all lived on the same floor and stayed friends until the end!

We had a little party with all of my friends in the last photo and their families, it was such a nice way to celebrate all together.

Well, all good things must come to and end right?
I think I will always look back on these last few years as the best time of my life!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That's so exciting, congratulations!

    Caiti // Caiti Nicole Blog

  2. Ah Congratulations on graduating Cara!!! Seriously so exciting!