7 Year-Round Wardrobe Staples

I thought I would take today's post to talk about the 7 items that I wear all year, regardless of the season. These are classic pieces (except maybe the rain boots) that can be worn in so many different ways. They can also be adapted to just about any style. Even if you don't dress like I do, these simple pieces could work for just about anyone! And I have owned all of these pieces for a few years and I see myself wearing them all for quite a few more.

1. White button down
This is easily my most worn item in my closet, I have 4 of them. I have a Ralph Lauren one with a crest logo (that I've had since high school), another Ralph Lauren one (kid's size) that's longer so it's easier to tie in the front, one from J. Crew with sequins on the sides, and a swiss dot tuxedo shirt from J. Crew. All of those are no longer available, but this one is very similar to the first two listed. They go with just about anything you can think of, on their own or layered, dressed up or down.

                       White shirt with vest post                             White shirt under sweater post

                     White shirt over dress post                               White shirt under dress post 

More white shirts I love:

2. Chambray shirt
This is probably second to the white shirt in my most worn items, I only have this Madewell one and it was the best $10 sale find! Sometimes J. Crew Factory gets some Madewell items to put on clearance and this was one of them. Just like the white shirt, I also love wearing them on their own or with layers like a sweater or a dress.

                  Chambray tied over skirt post                               Chambray under dress post

                          Denim on denim post                                   Chambray under sweater post

More chambray shirts I love:

3. Gingham button down
I have 4 colors of gingham button downs (black, light blue, neon green, light purple) but I only really wear the black gingham very often. This one is from J. Crew Factory and it's a light seersucker material that is nice and light in warm weather, but I also love layering it for cold weather.

                           Green dress post                                                Sweatshirt post 

More gingham shirts I love:

4. Striped tee
I currently have 2 striped tees, navy and red, both from J. Crew. I had a third yellow one in the fall with suede patches on the shoulders. This one, I have in red is still available in white and navy. However, I no longer have the yellow one because my dog thought the suede patches looked tasty, and ripped some large holes in it. Anyway, like the last three items, they are great with or without layers all year long.

                       Red stripes and trench post                           Navy stripes and pink coat post

                    Monogrammed rain jacket post                                  Yellow stripes post

More striped shirts I love:

5. Skinny jeans
I think this kind of goes without saying, they go with everything. I usually just wear them in white during the summer. But I wear regular denim all winter long, and for most of fall and spring for transition temperatures. You can see more about my favorite jeans for petite in this post.

                             White jeans post                                            Yellow and blue post

                      Red, white, and navy post                                             Green coat post

                        Over the knee boots post                                             Elsa top post

More skinny jeans I love:

6. Rain boots
In the fall and spring I live in rain boots. I didn't like them for snow when I was in Pennsylvania for school (even with the boot socks, my feet get so cold in them) but I would wear them when the snow was too high for my short snow boots, and they're really good for ice. I also wear them with casual dresses in the summer too. I wear the kid's size Hunter boots, you can read more about the sizing in this post.

                    White jeans and trench Instagram                                       Striped dress post

                              Navy t-shirt post                                                   Snow post

More rain boots I love:

7. Ballet flats
To me, these are the perfect shoes for year round wear. I think they are the best for fall and spring, but I have been wearing them in the winter quite a bit since I moved back to the south. And, I also wear them to work all the time in the summer. I got this pair in gold last January and I wear them to work probably every other day!

                           Green dress post                                        White skirt and pink flats post

                              Gold flats post                                                 Navy glitter loafer post

More flats I love:

What are your favorite pieces you reach for regardless of the season?

Thanks for reading!

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