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Finding jeans that fit probably isn't easy for anyone. But, I've always found it especially hard because I'm short, and just about every pair is too long for me. Yes, it's easy to just take them to get hemmed, but that's an added expense to the already expensive jeans that I like. And I like the more expensive pairs mostly because they fit the best, despite them usually being too long. So I thought I would share my favorite jeans that have worked for me for anyone that goes through the same problems while shopping for jeans. For reference: I'm 5'2" and I usually wear a size 24.

AG "The Stilt" Cigarette Leg Jeans
Retail price: $225
I found for: $50 at TJ Maxx
Currently available for $85, $95, $113

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These are my most recent jean purchase and I couldn't love them more. I wear them in my normal size, a 24. I think they fit so well in the waist and they aren't too long, which is so rare for me! I do wish they were more of a high rise style, but that's just personal preference because I think it makes my legs look longer, and usually fit a little better. But as I just stated, these still fit so well. They're pretty comfortable, but like any skinny jean they get pretty tight after wearing them for a long time.

J Brand Skinny "Maria" High Rise Jeans
Retail price: $198
I found for: $60 at Sak's Off Fifth
Currently available for $70, $115, $118, $132

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These are probably my most worn pair of jeans since I found them in November of 2014. I love the high rise fit and the dark wash. The high rise makes them fit really well in the waist, however this photo doesn't show it very well, but they bunch at the knees quite a bit. They are also longer than most of my jeans, I've been meaning to get them hemmed. I can easily cuff them for flats or heels, and they also tuck in to any type of boots, better than any jeans I own. I take a size up from what I usually wear, a 25. They are more of a jegging fit so they are the first (and the worst of these 4 pairs)  to become uncomfortable while wearing.

True Religion "Halle" Skinny Jeans
Retail price: $169
I found for: $50 at a local boutique
Currently available for $80$99$100$120

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I actually haven't worn these jeans in about a year because the zipper broke (the day the above photo was taken) and I keep forgetting to get it fixed. But, I got them right before I started college in August of 2012 and I wore them all the time until March of 2015, when the zipper broke. I also wear these in my normal size, a 24. They bunch at the knees a little, but besides that the fit is perfect on me. The length is great and they fit so well in the waist too. However, like the above AG and J Brand pairs, they do get quite uncomfortable after wearing them for awhile.

 J. Crew "Lookout" High Rise Skinny Jeans
Retail price: $135
I found for: $37 in store at J. Crew
Currently available for $90 online, (or $105 in another wash) probably marked down even more in stores

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As listed above, I got a great deal on these jeans, and I also bought them within the last month or so. I think they're really comfortable, they're probably more of an in between skinny and straight leg.  They probably fit me the worst of these 4 that I'm talking about in this post, but like the J Brand pair, I love the high rise. They are little loose in the waist and not very tight at the ankle. However the length is very good on my legs. The ankle cuffs well for most shoes, but I find it a little tough to keep them tucked into ankle boots. They do come in petite sizes, which I think would probably be a much better fit, mine are a regular 24, I think I need a petite 24. But again, as listed above I got them in store (J. Crew petite is only available online) and they were final sale, so I will probably just take them to get altered in the waist a little.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the same problem, I can literally never find jeans that are the right length, even when I buy "short" length ones. It got so bad that I had banished jeans from my wardrobe until one fateful trip to the J. Crew factory store where I found TWO pairs of jeans that were the right length. It was so weird to have an actual jean (not an ankle pant) hit me at the right place that I had to ask one of the associates for a pair of flats to make sure they were actually the right fit. It can be a hassle for sure!

    Darrian // www.ohshiftyall.com