Staying Organized for My Last Semester of College

I can't believe I'm about a week into my senior year of college! I'm usually not a very organized person, but my school supplies are usually quite organized! Since I started college I usually just use either a binder for each class. But from the last two years I realized how often they break, so for my last semester I went with just a notebook and folder for each class. I'm taking 6 classes but one of them is computer based so I don't think I will need to write any notes for it.

I got the cutest notebooks and folders, and a few other things from Office Depot! You can also get the same products from OfficeMax, online or in store. They both have fun styles college students want, at prices they will love! I was able to get 5 notebooks, a set of 6 folders, a pen set, and the cutest pink stapler for $25! Which I really appreciated after reading my long list of text books I also needed for this semester.
And of course I always use my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, I've been using one since 2010! I've been using the large size for the last few years, but I've had 2 of the smaller ones in the past, when that was the only option. They now have so many options like jumbo sized, one with a covered spiral, and a new 12 month version that goes from January to December, while the others go from August through to the next December. Some people have been turning away from these agendas lately because they have become so popular, but where I go to school I have only seen a few other girls that have them, plus I love the stickers that come with them! 
I've also had this Lilly Pulitzer pencil case since freshman year, but I don't think they make them anymore :/
The last few years I have used clear binders and make monogrammed binder covers, usually with different Lilly prints, but now they are all color coordinated!

I have used these types of file folders for a while, so I have one for each class. And how fun is the hot pink and turquoise combo? Also this folder set and stapler is no longer online, although this folder set is pretty similar, but lots were in the store when I was there!

Another reason I'm not using binders like I have the last few years, is I realized it's a lot lighter than carrying binders and textbooks all at once. This will be helpful this semester especially, because I usually have a lot of breaks in between classes, but I have 3 classes in a row on my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule this time.

And these notebooks are just too cute! They have these fun prints and a few more, in just about everything you would need for school.

I also got this really cute pen set, made to match my folders and notebooks. Unfortunately I couldn't find these online, but just like the folder set and stapler from above, there were lots in store at Office Depot when I went!
Thanks for reading!
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Also, a big thanks to my roommate Roni who let me use her desk for these photos. Hers just has much better natural lighting than mine does, and her lamp went so well with my color scheme!
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  1. I need a pencil case! I have been searching for one that I really like. I think I am going to have to hit ebay.


  2. I love those notebooks!! Such pretty colors! Makes me wish I was going back to school... Enjoy your senior year :)

  3. I have the same Lilly agenda! I can't wait to start using it this September. How do you set up your agenda? I'm always curious as to how people use their agendas.

  4. Don't cute school supplies make staying organized a little more fun? Hope you have a wonderful last semester, sweet girl! Enjoy every minute of it!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  5. I love this post! You have the cutest school supplies! Have a great last semester!!

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com