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When the last day of the month falls on a Friday, it's time for a Fitness Friday! My monthly roundup of my workouts, food habits, and activewear picks. This January wasn't quite the typical "getting back to working out in the new year" type of month. But that's ok, and I'm planning to really jump back into it in February. I think did do well with food though, and if you missed Wednesday's post I reflected on tracking macros and how I have sustained healthy habits from working with a nutrition coach last year.

Week of January 6th-12th
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Sweat Fusion (yoga sculpt) at Sweat Method

Week of January 13th-19th
Nothing! I was in Atlanta for a work trip all week. I had intentions of doing a few app workouts before we got started working for the day. But the only time to do them would have been very early in the morning, and I managed to catch a cold a few days in to the trip. So I prioritized sleeping instead.

Week of January 20th-26th
Barre at Flywheel Sports
StrengthSculpt (megaformer pilates) at SculptHouse

Week of January 27th-yesterday
Ballet Fit Theory at Fit Atelier
Cardio Dance at Bloc.
PT exercises on my own twice

This workout schedule was a little less than I was expecting it to be, although I knew I probably was not going to get much exercise while traveling. Starting this week, I am planning on doing some of the PT exercises I was doing for my hip injury recovery, or even just some stretching and rolling my muscles out on off days, instead of just resting. I am hoping bringing these exercises back in my routine will keep my recovered hip in good shape, and take better care of the other hip for injury prevention. I really hope to get a few more classes in my routine, but am also going to be very cautious and try not to overdo it. I think I have mentioned this before, but I have sort of come to a realization that working out 6-7 days a week like I was a year ago may no longer be the best idea for my hip issue. Although it does feel fine most days now, I know very quickly if I have pushed it a little bit too far. So I think this is a way to get some movement in most days, but not be worried about causing more damage.

  1. I made this Tuscan chicken recipe for dinner this week, and I think that will be the first of many times! It was fairly quick to make and is almost dairy free, so it has a lighter feel than most Italian dishes. It also saves pretty well, I was able to get 3 dinners out of it.
  2. A recent breakfast favorite has been peanut butter toast topped with raspberries and Perfect Bar bites. They sell containers with bite size pieces of their protein bars and I love putting them on toast, in oatmeal, or just grabbing a few pieces as I'm heading out the door.
  3. On the snack front, I've recently become a fan of chocolate covered chickpeas and some simple salted pumpkin seeds. They're both great options to have in your bag as an on-the-go snack.


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