Injury Progress

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Athleta "Hyperfocused" sports bra | Athleta "Contender" leggings | Adidas sneakers

Long time no activewear post! I am loving this set I found on sale from Athleta, the material is really high quality that I think is going to last forever. In case you missed my last injury update, I have now been dealing with the labral tear in my hip for 5 months now. I have been slowly easing back into some fitness classes over the last few weeks, that have been going pretty well! I have started with just one class per week while keeping up with my PT exercises and working out at home 4 times per week. I haven't been able to fully participate in every exercise in some of the classes I have tried to get back into, but I have been able to do more than I expected I could. I would say I can do about 80% of the class and have found ways to modify the rest. But I am also being very careful and trying not to push the injury if anything doesn't feel right. I think it needs quite a bit more time until I can get back to my old schedule, but just being back in some studios has been so great! I have gotten a little bored with the same set of PT exercises so I have been adding on to the exercises given by my ortho PA and finding some newer ones that don't aggravate my hip. I actually just posted a video version of the glute portion to Instagram yesterday that I've embedded below! I have been looking for labral tear specific sets of exercises online, and haven't really found much. So I thought I would share what has been working for me. I think I'll also be filming and posting the core and arm sections that I've been doing in my home workouts to post later. And come back Friday for a Fitness Friday post breaking down the classes I have made it to over the last month!

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