Homecoming Weekend

So this past weekend was Homecoming/Family Weekend on campus. Although my family didn't come to visit, my boyfriend made a surprise visit, it was so exciting! He goes to school close to where I'm from in North Carolina but he drove 9 hours to Pennsylvania to see me.  He planned it out with my best friend/roommate Hannah, all of my friends knew about it but I had no idea until he walked in, it was so nice of them to do that and it was great having him here. It was also my roommates birthday on Monday and Hannah's boyfriend's birthday today so there has been lots of celebrating going on :)

Homecoming game! My school won, they actually scored more they ever have since 1988

Alicia's birthday!

Also, my monogrammed bag from Personalized From Me to You arrived!

and we have had some perfect vest weather this week

Thanks for reading!

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