J. Crew Holiday Favorites and an Announcement

The new arrivals for J. Crew holiday are just amazing, here are some of my favorites

J. Crew Holiday Favorites

Also: this week I will be doing a collaboration with Majda of Classy State of Mind! Her blog is amazing and when she asked me about doing a collaboration I was SO excited, she also goes to college in PA but on the other side of the state, and we have similar styles. I'm also slightly obsessed with the graphics she makes for her blog, they are all too cute! This week we will posting how we style corduroy on Monday, chambray shirts on Wednesday and blazers on Friday :)

Thanks for reading!


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  2. I totally agree the new J.Crew arrivals are absolutely perfect! I love the polka dot skinny stretch pants!!

  3. I think I'll take…. everything on that list. Yep, that should do it :) xx

  4. When I saw those tweed and glitter Etta pumps, my jaw dropped.