Looks for Less: Sunglasses Edition

I really like sunglasses, but I really don't wear them that often. I usually just have 1 pair at a time and I only buy really cheap ones, I just don't think I wear them enough to justify buying a really expensive pair. So when the cheap pair inevitably breaks, it's always fun going to get a new pair. So here are some looks for less that I will probably plan on getting this summer!
Looks for Less: Sunglasses

Thanks for reading! 
Also, sorry if I don't post much over the next few days, I'll be moving back home from school after I finish finals tomorrow!
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  1. Love finding posts like these! The pricier ones are gorgeous of course, but pinching your pennies doesn't have to mean lack of style. Great post!


  2. I've been searching for days for a post like this because I've been craving Ray Bans, but my wallet does not agree. Thanks for the tips!


  3. Great post! I'm kind of a snob though... I just can't stand the feel of affordable sunglasses...

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  4. I love love love cheap sunglasses. I cant justify spending that much on sunglasses when I just break them so easy!

    Love Always,