Recipe: Mini Quiches "Quichettes"

I picked up this adorable little French finger food cookbook from Anthropologie the other day and I'm going to share a few recipes from it on here! Today I'm sharing these little crustless quichettes, it's described in the book as a quiche in one bite! They are fairly easy and really good, I've been eating them for breakfast all week! 
I've been feeling super French lately, probably because my mom and brother are there. I can't wait for Laduree they are bringing back for me! I tried to make my own macarons for probably the 10th time, not perfect but probably the best I've made. I could share how I make those if anyone wants, but they really aren't that great...
So this recipe calls for:
Butter for greasing, or cooking spray
10 1/2 oz (I used 8) of bacon or ham, diced
you could also add peppers or onions or substitute them instead of the meat for vegetarians
3 eggs
3 egg yolks
1 cup of double thick cream (I used heavy cream)
Sea salt (or regular salt) and freshly ground black pepper, however much you want
1 1/4 cups of greater Gruyere cheese
The first step is to fry the bacon! It says 12 oz but I used a full 8 oz pack and I thought it was enough. Just get it to however you think is crispy enough.
Then you need to crack 3 eggs, and just the yolks of 3 more eggs
Whisk them all together and add in the cream. It called for double thick cream but I could only find heavy cream, the only difference is the amount of butter fat in it. I didn't think it affected anything. This is also when you add in the salt and pepper.
Dice up the bacon and sprinkle into each section of the mini muffin tin, then pour the egg and cream mixture over it. Also add a little bit of bacon after the egg has been added so it isn't all on the bottom!
Then grate about a cup of Gruyere cheese, it says 1 cup and 1/4 but that seemed like a bit much for me, if you really love Gruyere add as much as you want! Then sprinkle it on top of each section of bacon and egg batter.
And then they're ready to bake! For 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. I ended up doing mine for closer to 15 minutes.
Let them cool and enjoy! The book said serves 18 but I ended up with 24, so hopefully you can get another tray out of the mix :)
Thanks for reading!
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