Thanksgiving Recap

I had such a great Thanksgiving break this year! I had fairly easy travel (which usually does not happen) and a lot of fun with my family! Here is the week in photos:
I got to see a total of 6 dogs this break, between my own 2 dogs, my aunt and cousin's dogs, and some of my friend's dogs, so that was pretty great to begin with. 
We got our annual Christmas card photo, it's always interesting trying to get the dogs to cooperate, but they did a pretty good job this year! It helped that we were holding treats the whole time...
Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in Georgia! My parents, my brother and I come down and spend Thanksgiving with my aunt, uncle, and cousins every year. 
I always love to get excited for Christmas basically as soon as Thanksgiving dinner has ended, good thing my aunt's house was already decorated!
Since I was already in Georgia, Clemson University was on the way home so I got to spend the day with my boyfriend for the rivalry game against USC! My cousins that live in Georgia all went to Clemson too, so a lot of my family were also there!
The game was so much fun, since I went to the homecoming game in October I once again got to pretend I go to big southern football school. Clemson beat University of South Carolina for the first time in 5 years! I've grown up watching this game (or at least hearing my family scream at the TV when we can't make it there) so actually being in the stadium for that win was great!
Thanks for reading!
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