Insta Lately

I'm currently getting ready to go home for spring break in a few days and I'm so excited! I'm probably most excited to forget about my snow boots and my giant coat for a bit and go home to warmer weather! 

So here are some snaps from my Instagram, follow along if you aren't already @cara_194!

Similar boots, denim

It never stops snowing. 
There are some spots on campus where it's piled high about as high as my hips! I am short, but that's still a lot of snow! So these boots, my rain boots, and my riding boots are about all I have been able to wear lately. I also haven't seen a single blade of grass since I was last home in January so I'm probably more excited than I should be to see some this week!
Pink and green necklace, green earrings, state necklace, tray they are all laying on
My desk is usually a huge dress, lately it was a pretty mess of accessories!


Tried out a local coffee shop for the first time, it was really good!

Blanket scarf, similar coat

It has been so cold the past few weeks (it was -17 with windchill of I think -34 when this photo was taken) I've kind of only looked like this going to class...luckily it's warming up a little every day now. 

My favorite "white and gold dress", I know everyone is probably sick of "the dress" jokes. But it's blue and black!

Nail polish, similar earrings

My favorite quote from my Lilly planner to start off March :)

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Aw, love the first and last shots! (I'm team blue and black too haha!)


  2. Your Insta is always the cutest! I love all your jewelry!

  3. Loving this idea of insta-lately! Those Kendra Scott earrings are to die for! PS. the dress is definitely blue and black!