NYC Recap

Last week I went to New York City for the first time! It was such a great trip and I really loved seeing the city. I had so much fun, and even though I couldn't get there until age 21, it was definitely worth the wait. I just went with my mom and we had a really great time!
Flying into the city was a little difficult due to the rain that had been going on for a few days. We were supposed to get in around 7:30am, but due to the rain we were put on another flight that got in around 1:00pm. However, this worked out for the better, because it was rainy and pretty cold for this southerner. I did not pack very well because I brought a few dresses and a romper except for what I wore on the plane. I really should have brought my Hunter boots, and more jeans because it wasn't that warm, except for Wednesday.
 It was about 54 all day and pouring down rain when our flight landed, so it worked out that we were able to get right into our hotel room that afternoon and did not have to figure out what to do so early in the morning. We also still had some extended family in town for my brother's graduation the weekend before, so we got some extra time with them as well.
We stayed at the Peninsula on 5th Ave, it was an amazing hotel and our first meal in the city was at the Gotham Lounge on site, which was lovely. They also have a bigger restaurant and bar on site and a roof top bar, and the whole place was beautiful!

We walked around Times Square and did a little bit of shopping. We had already planned going to an American Ballet Theatre performance, and seeing An American in Paris on Broadway but we thought we would try to get some discounted tickets that day to another Broadway show. We got half priced tickets to Kinky Boots in the kiosk in Times Square while we were there, it was such a funny show with some great music. 

After the show we went to a little Italian restaurant called Cara Mia, we saw it on Open Table and thought we had to go just because of the name. It was really good, and very affordable for New York! Also: I was a little obsessed with the options of Snapchat filters, I tried to use as many as possible.

On our second day the weather was beautiful! It was sunny just a little below 70 degrees, it was a little chilly in the morning but by the afternoon it would perfect for walking around in the city. 
We started off the day by walking down to Rockefeller Center. We got some breakfast at the Bouchon Bakery, which was adorable! 

My mom wanted to go into the NBC Experience Store just to see it, there was a crowd of people in there so we thought it was the line to buy things, so we went to leave not wanting to stand in line. Then one of the store employee's asked us how we were, and my mom said she was just wondering what the crowd was for. The employee said Kathy Lee Gifford was about to come in, and my mom loves that hour of the Today show and she knew it was "Who Knew Wednesday" where they ask questions to people in the store, where they can win a $100 Visa Gift Card or a Kathy Lee CD. So we had some really good timing there, we got stand right there and watch them film the live segment right there!

We went to Bergdorf Goodman for lunch, which was amazing! We also met up my friend Mary Kate, who used to go to college with me. It was only the second time I've able to see her since she transferred, so it was so great to spend some time with her! We went down Madison Ave and went to Laduree, the Lilly Pulitzer store, and a few others. 

The staff in the Lilly store was so nice, and it was such a beautiful store!

Later we went to Lincoln Center to see American Ballet Theatre perform La Bayadere. It was so amazing! I thought the Met Opera House was absolutely beautiful, and the dancing was even prettier. 

I was a little disappointed though because we got the tickets thinking we would see Natalia Osipova (if you're a dancer you know how amazing she is, if you don't, here's a video for you) who is basically one the biggest names in ballet, perform one the principal roles. Unfortunately, she was injured and could not perform. The once sold out performance actually had a quite a few empty seats because of it. The alternate was Maria Kochetkova (you would know who she is if you saw this Visa commercial this past Christmas season) since she performed the role on other nights, and she was gorgeous! Isabella Boylston was the other principle role and she was also fantastic!

After the show, we went to Rosa Mexicana (recommend by my friend Mary Kate and Open Table) down the street from the theater, very good food and a very pretty restaurant!

So that was my first two days, I'll be posting what I did the next two days this week!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Oh wow, you captured the magnificence of NYC beautifully, Cara! Times Square looks fantastic!
    You look absolutely stunning, I really love how you dress up even for just regular days out like these. Going to the ABT is such a dream of mine, and also the Lily store! So pretty. Xx


  2. These pictures are amazing! Glad you had such a great time, I love the city!!

    Kendal | Life With Kendal

  3. Great pictures... it looks like you had an amazing trip! I have never been to NYC but I am hoping to go soon!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick