Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blogger Bloopers Part 3

Here is the newest installment of Blogger Bloopers (first and second posts here) because it's always fun to share what goes into making some of these outfit posts. As always, no editing, just me being weird.

I think I was in the middle of saying I forgot to put lipstick on

There was a stray cat in this park and I guess I was looking at it, and taking off my sunglasses?

"When you're ready to go out and your squad bails"

That necklace movement though

From this post

I know I'm back at school when my hair never stays in place from all the wind

From this post

My "I don't know how to pose" face

From this post

Was I fixing the collar of my vest? Who knows. 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. This is too cute! I have so many bloopers from my outfit shoots, it's slightly ridiculous!


  2. These posts are always so funny!!
    xo, Syd