Striped Workout Top + My Workout Routine

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J. Crew workout top (on sale!) | Similar leggings | Nikes (kid's size, adult size)

Last October, I got back into exercising by taking one barre class a week. I never would have thought that I would end up working out about 5 days a week by the following September. But, that's what happened! A few weeks ago, I even took my 100th class! I used to be in ballet classes and rehearsals 6 or 7 days a week from my middle school through college years, so I really don't know why I am so surprised. I have done a post about some of the barre classes I had been going to back in February. But since then, in a typical week I now go to: 2 or 3 barre classes, a ballet class, and an aerial class. And on days that I don't have a class scheduled, I do some barre or ballet exercises in my apartment gym. There are also a lot of community yoga classes going on around Charlotte, and I was going to those pretty often throughout the summer.

This mix of barre, aerial, ballet, and yoga has become a lot of fun! I still use ClassPass for most of my classes. But I now have some separate memberships for ballet, one of the barre studios, and pay per class for yoga. I also have been doing the video classes on ClassPass, that are included with a membership. I have a few post ideas for some more fitness content, that will hopefully be coming soon. But it will probably just start off with more activewear outfits, and some of my favorite places to shop for them. However, I feel like I need more time for some of my other ideas before I can post about them. Such as how I have been trying to eat healthier (even though I sort of have the diet of a child), some of my favorite workout videos and playlists, and some more info about the classes I take! There seems to already be some interest on these topics from my Twitter. But let me know if there is anything fitness-related you would like to read!

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  1. The J.Crew workout clothes are so cute! I have to look for them next time I'm in the store.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal