Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts Under $25

Candle set ($16.80) | Nail polish set ($19) | 2018 Planner ($20) | Monogram tassel keychain ($11.25) | Lipstick set ($15) | iPhone case ($20) | Pom pom phone charger ($25) | "Cheers" flute set ($20) | Statement earrings ($14) | Pom pom hat ($15.50)

If anyone has put off their shopping until now, here are few quick ideas that are all under $25! I gave this candle set to my boss this year. I'm considering buying another set for myself! If you haven't noticed, I tend to wear these earrings in multiple colors. So I think they would make a great gift! I also have several pom pom key fobs for my bags, so I love that this one can charge your phone. And if you have missed the shipping date for Christmas Eve delivery, all of these items can be found in stores!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!


  1. I love the phone case! Marble is so chic and always looks so classy. The nail polish colors are also so beautiful. I'd love to rock a nice gray polish this time of year.


  2. Great blog post idea, and great gifts!