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If you are a regular Caralina Style reader, you may know from past posts and Instagram stories, that I am barre class regular. One of my favorite places to go to barre/fitness classes is Xtend BarreI discovered the studio through ClassPass a little over a year ago. In the last year, I have tried just about all of the classes they offer, and I love them all! 

I typically take the classic 55 minute "Xtend Barre" class. But, I also really like the "Xtend Stick" class that uses pilates sticks at the barre. I have also tried the "Circuit 7" class a few times, which combines interval training and barre exercises. And the 25 minute "Xtend Sweat" class, that I think feels like a shorter version of Circuit 7. They also offer shorter "Xpress" versions of the regular barre and pilates stick classes. Xtend Barre also switches up their schedule every so often with dance classes, that are always so much fun! You can't go wrong with any choice of class or instructor, they're all great!

As a former ballet dancer, I love the Xtend method! It uses more dance terminology and positions than other barre methods, but you do not need any dance experience to take an Xtend class. I think it is a great method for me personally, because I get a full-body workout that helps maintain the muscles from my ballet training at the same time. The method also incorporates more cardio into their classes than other barre methods I have tried. I tend to pick fitness classes that don't involve much cardio, but I think they bring in just the right amount in the Xtend classes!

If you don't know what to expect in a barre class at Xtend Barre, it works through each muscle group, one at a time. If you have never taken a barre class, I tend to think of it as pilates-like movements, done in dance-like positions. But it is not a pilates or dance class.
In a typical class, you will: start in center floor for some warm up exercises, pick up light weights for arm exercises, move to the mat for a little more arms (plus some abs), move to the barre for a variety of exercises that work the legs, and back to the mat to finish the class with more ab exercises. The instructors at Xtend also do a great job of showing how each movement is done as you move through the class. They show it slowly for the first few reps, and then speed up to full tempo. As you go to more classes, you tend to have an idea of what is coming next. But it is very helpful as you are learning the method, or trying a new type of class!

Use code "CaralinaStyle"for a free class at Xtend Barre Charlotte in February, here! Don't forget your grippy socks! 

Xtend Barre also has a great activewear apparel line! These printed leggings are amazing, and the sweatshirt is a light material (perfect for the first few minutes of barre class), running errands, or anywhere else you may want to wear it. I also love this jacket because the material reminds me a lot of what are sometimes called "trash bag shorts", that I used to wear in rehearsals during my dance days!

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

Jacket, sweatshirt, workout top, and workout leggings c/o Xtend Barre Charlotte

Don't forget to use code "CaralinaStyle"for a free class at Xtend Barre Charlotte here, valid through the end of February!

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