Ombre Watercolor Leggings

You may have seen this recent activewear post, where I talked about my watercolor leggings from Rep Active Art I won in a giveaway. So this is another pair of leggings with original water color art, that are so much fun! I have been wearing them with this active top I found at a local fitness boutique in Charlotte, Fityoulous! I also thought I would provide another little update to my fitness routine. I have gotten into my 4th week of early morning workouts and I am still really liking it so far! Although I have started scheduling some evening workouts to keep some variety in my classes. After a few weeks, I do not feel nearly as tired both going into work or later at night, like I did during the first two weeks of the schedule change. I feel very relaxed with some extra time to get ready for work in the morning, and have taken advantage of the time in the evenings for blog work, social activities, and just day to day errands like cleaning my apartment!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love these leggings! And oh my gosh that last photo, I'm so impressed you can jump like that Cara!!
    xo, Sydney