7 Spring Transition Staples

It's about that time...you're sick of sweaters and boots, but aren't quite ready for spring dresses and sandals just yet. I've always found dressing for spring transition time to be a little annoying because I tend to just wear a lot of the same things for a few weeks. So I like to mix things up as much as I can with different layering, accessories, and shoes. I plan to break down exactly how I like to do that in another post, but today I thought I would share my most worn pieces that I tend to wear during these 50-60ish degree days, before the full spring wardrobe can make its way into rotation.

1. Trenchcoat

I've mentioned before that this might be the most worn outerwear piece for a southerner, as I wear mine through fall, a good bit of warmer winter days, and early spring. I've had the same one (pretty similar to this one) since 2016, it wasn't really much of an investment buy because I did not expect to be wearing it as much as I do! Although I also got this pink faux suede one this fall that I have gotten a lot of use out of as well.

2. Stripe tees

I think we all know how deep my love runs of stripe tees. I've probably owned 8 or 9 different ones in the last few years varying in color, sleeve and neckline details, even some with mixed stripes. Although I love to wear them through summer, I think they are most worn during both spring and fall. I have always thought they are so versatile and are easily my favorite basic wardrobe item. I prefer a 3/4 or long sleeve structured boatneck style. But there are plenty of great short sleeve options with different necklines out there as well.

3. Tissue turtlenecks

Similar to stripe tees, I can't get enough of the versatility these layering turtlenecks have. I did not start wearing these until this year, but I'm always coming up with new ideas for how to style these thin t-shirts. I recently posted this Instagram with a few different ways to style some of them, but my favorite way to wear them during this time is with jeans, ankle boots, and a scarf of some sort draped over the shoulders.

4. Medium wash denim

I think this kind of goes without saying, jeans are great. But I do start to wear my medium or lighter wash jeans over a darker wash during this time of year. And as I've mentioned a few times lately, the fit on Madewell denim has basically changed my life. Although I am linking just the styles I have really liked to wear, regardless of the wash. For sizing reference: I'm 5'2" and wear a size 23 in Madwell jeans that never need to be hemmed. My other favorite brands are AG and J Brand that I can usually only find in a 24.

5. White denim

Same as above, this doesn't exactly require much explanation. But I have never really been a "white denim in the winter" kinda girl. So I slowly work the white jeans back into rotation during this time of year. As much I love Madewell's blue denim, I have yet to try their white denim because I absolutely love this pair that James Jeans sent to me about 2 years ago.

6. Fun flats

My favorite way to break up a lot of the same pieces I wear during "not yet spring" time is trading boots for fun flats, like these backless loafers I have in 2 colors! I also have been really into fashion sneakers lately and have been wearing this ruffled pair and these classics to work a lot lately.

7. Scarves

This is more of a recent obsession, but silk scarves are another easy way to mix up wearing a lot of the same pieces. I also feel like this time of year is a last chance to wear them in some ways (like their main purpose: around your neck) before it gets too warm for them. I've also been searching vintage stores for new prints lately, and they have not disappointed!

Thanks for reading!

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