20 Things I'm Thankful for at the End of 2020

Oh 2020, where do I even begin? So many aspects of life have been affected by the pandemic. My heart goes out to anyone who might have lost a loved one, their job, or been affected in any other life-altering way. Here's hoping that the vaccine can be quickly distributed to bring this all to an end. I think this year has put so many things in a new perspective, and it has brought me closer to my faith. I usually do an end of year post to share how my year went, and some of my favorite outfits. But this year, that just doesn't feel right. So instead I thought I would share 20 things I have been grateful to have in my life during this crazy year.

1. My wonderful family, getting to spend more time with them this year, and the health of us all.
2. The amazing man I will get to call my husband in 6 months.
3. The house that we will start our married life in together, and the apartment I've called home for 4 years.
4. Strengthening my faith, coincidentally in the year where I've spent the least time in a church.
5. The ability to work from home for half of the year and stay employed.
6. The essential workers who risked so much just going to work each day.
7. The quick development of the 2 vaccines.
8. Some great friends, although this has also been my least social year.
9. Access to technology that kept us connected to each other.
10. The endless entertainment the internet has provided while we've all been home.
11. The creative outlet that is this blog, and the community around it, that has always been mostly virtual.
12. Getting in to antiquing this year, both as something fun to do and to decorate the house.
13. The time to pick up new hobbies like making jewelry. I've also been attempting to learn to needlepoint.
14. Less traffic for all of the back and forth travel (9 trips so far!) from Charlotte to Atlanta.
15. The extra time we got to spend in Charlotte as TJ's office re-opening keeps getting pushed out. 
16. The fun of wedding planning, especially how much of it my mom has been so incredibly helpful getting done so early on.
17. All of the ideas we have for the house to pursue in 2021: decorating, cooking in a full kitchen, getting some outdoor space set up.
18. Watching some businesses successfully pivot, quickly brining everything online or outside. Especially in the fitness community.
19. That my hip injury from 2019 has just had some occasional flare-ups, but has otherwise allowed me to still workout as much as I would like to.
20. The countless other items I could list that go so much further than 20!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great list and reminder to always show gratitude!