A Little House Progress

Let me start this post off by saying I'm really trying to get back to least 1 post per week! I've let my posting fall so far behind ever since everything with the move started to ramp up last fall. Most of September-December was spent trying to find a house and a job at the same time. On top of planning a wedding and the regular holiday things. Then I moved in January, started work early February, and am finally starting to feel settled. So I thought it would be fun to share some of the progress on the house! It has been a lot of fun, and has kind of taken my attention entirely away from posting about outfits. So, sorry about that on the content end. I also haven't figured out a photographer in Georgia yet. So for now, I will probably be doing some more posts like this as we get further along with decorating!

Painted the living room
We still need a few major things in this room, so for now here's a corner to show the paint color. The entire house was painted gray before it was sold. This room was previously a dining room. It was painted the same shade of light gray above the moulding and a darker taupe gray below it. So we brightened it up by painting it Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, and a classic white. We like the gray through the house for the most part though. We plan on maybe painting 2 more rooms in different colors. 

Made pillows for the family room
I had a few weeks in between leaving Charlotte and starting work in Atlanta, which I spent at my parent's house. We got so much wedding stuff done in that time, and my mom showed me how to make pillow covers. I had found this fabric for a great deal at an antique store, and it was a lot of fun to make them together.

Decorating the guest bedroom
The guest room is basically most of what was in my apartment in Charlotte, and it will be my office area. So there isn't a whole lot to do in here. There was a desk left in the basement from the previous homeowners that I'm still in the process of painting blue. I also had a coat rack/shelf unit in my apartment that I'll be painting white. I ordered some toile curtains, just got a full length mirror in, and a Greek key rug as a Christmas present. I really just need to put some things on the walls, and I should be all set with that room! 

Found a kitchen table
The previous homeowners left a very large island size table that I just didn't think fit the space very well. Plus it is counter height, and I would just rather have standard height for a table we are going to use so often. So when TJ and I found this classic round solid wood table at an estate sale, I managed to convince him that we needed it. We weren't planning on buying furniture that day, so it was an adventure getting it in the car. But we got it for just $100, when we've found similar tables from the same manufacturer selling for over $2,000. So I think it was worth it! My parents also gave us their old kitchen table chairs, so my next project is to paint them. I'll wait to share how it all looks in the space until the chairs are done.

Not much else was needed in the kitchen
I would have picked just about everything that the previous homeowners did with the kitchen renovation. So I've just been having some fun decorating it!

We have a basement that is separated into 2 rooms, one is finished and the other is not. So we are using the finished room as TJ's office and a second TV area, and the unfinished room as a gym area. Within the last week, TJ has had some work done in that area. There was only 1 electrical outlet, so he had a few more installed, and had the HVAC brought over from the main unit into the finished room. Now he's working on furnishing the rest of it.

We have quite a few upcoming projects for other rooms, and some might be done much quicker than others. But I think this will be a fun series to document it along the way!

Thanks for reading!

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