Fitness Friday 30

Between being fully vaccinated and about 2 weeks out from our wedding, I've definitely amped up my workout routine since my last Fitness Friday post. I have tried quite a few more studios, and kept up with some streaming at home. So you could say I've made good friends with my thera-gun in the last few weeks. Which reminds me I should probably go roll out my hamstrings. But I'm also very excited for this weekend. One of my (pre-hip injury) favorites in Charlotte, West Kept Secret is coming to Atlanta for the day! They are also going to Charleston the following week. But anyway, here is more of my pre-wedding workout routine. I don't have much food to report, as I have been eating a lot of the same things. Mostly salads for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner. Although we did try some great restaurants in Roswell when my parents were in town last weekend. I can't say those meals were healthy...but they sure were delicious!

Through Classpass I have recently tried: The Barre Code, TS Shred, Barre Method, Focus Barre and Yoga, and Motiv Barre. 
Plus my regular favorites: Fit Atelier, Rumble, Jabs, SweatNET, and Blogilates

In studio:
Pink Barre- I've been here a few times and it reminds me a lot of some of my favorite barre classes back in Charlotte. They have a great playlist, and always have some challenging movements!
Fuse- I've always wanted to try a trampoline class, and I enjoyed the one I tried here that combined the trampoline, kettlebells, and a little barre. 
Stellar Bodies- I've become a big fan of this megaformer studio. 
AKT- I tried their Bands class, and I loved it! It is probably the closest I will get to my favorite class in Charlotte, Ballet Fit Theory. It was half choreography that built up through class, and half sculpting. But you are using resistance from bands during the choreography portions. It was definitely unique, and I really enjoyed it! Their class times unfortunately are not the most convenient for me, but I'm sure I'll be back.
Barry's- I went to the Charlotte location quite a few times, so I had to visit the Atlanta location. I wish this one was more convenient for me to go more often, but it was great to stop back in to the Red Room!

I've also been going back to the Barre3 location and I Heart Pilates studios mentioned in my last post as well.

  1. I've had a lot of chicken and veggie varieties on rotation lately. Mostly sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, or zucchini. We got an air fryer at my bridal shower, and it cooks everything so much faster!
  2. I also can't stop buying the nut butter filled Clif bars, specifically the chocolate ones filled with peanut butter.
  3. We have a lot of exciting additions to the kitchen from wedding gifts. We haven't gotten to use very much of it yet. But I'll be reporting back with how we end up putting them to use them later!
It honestly might be awhile before my next installment of this series. At least there won't be a roundup of what I did in June. As I likely won't be doing very much after next week, during wedding week or the following 2 weeks we are taking for the honeymoon. But I promise there will be plenty of wedding content before then!

Thanks for reading!

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