Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Tips

The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale (previously After Party...and for the OG's, Endless Summer Sale) is going live online tomorrow! I unfortunately was not able to go to one of the in-store options today as it was not available in Atlanta. But I'm excited to check it out in the morning! Their special occasion dresses have been on rotation for weddings lately, and I have quite a few within the next year. So I'm only really going to be on the lookout for those. However, due to my work schedule, I may not get much of a chance to jump in at the beginning of the sale. But here are my forever favorite styles that I typically look for in each sale: 
Pearl romper (these are a more recent favorite, I now have 3 of the romper styles)
Weekender leggings (now also available in bike shorts!)

And as always, here are my shopping tips if this is your first big sale:
The Sale FAQ page from Lilly answers most of your typical questions you may have about the sale. But here are a few things I would add to it:

1. Create an account if you do not have one already, and make sure you are signed in the night before. It is also good to have your shipping addresses and payment information saved, to save time while all of your favorite items are going so quickly! If you shop on multiple devices (which I recommend), make sure you are signed in on each one, including the mobile app.

2. Know your sizes, all items are final sale! Plus they are all past season items. It is very unlikely that any current items/prints will be included in the sale.

3. There are always disclaimers to expect delays for shipping and processing. But from my experience (with the exception of maybe one sale), I usually have my items within a week or so.

4. You will be placed in a virtual line to enter the sale. It used to be a good practice to place multiple orders to keep things from getting pulled out of your cart, because the shipping is always free. However, this is no longer a good idea. Because you will be placed back in line after your first order has been submitted. And I have learned that using multiple devices is really helpful for the line. It also makes the line seem much longer than it really is, if most people in line are on 2 or more devices. But, I have always found that one device gets far ahead of the others. The website sometimes crashes due to the traffic, but it what it is!

5. Over the years, I have noticed the best deals are on casual dresses, small accessories, skirts, and tops. And if you are looking for any special occasion dresses, this is the best time to buy!

Happy shopping!

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