Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!

Today lillypulitzer.com had one of their bi-annual sales, The Endless Summer Sale! It started at 8am and from the massive amounts of Lilly lovers trying to shop, as always we managed to crash the site within 5 minutes. Every time the site went down the pink and green message below was shown. At around 11:30 they took the site down and re-launched it, which was when I was able to finally get my order through. 
This was me on my laptop, tablet, and phone trying to shop

I ended up getting this Murfee Scarf in the print Gimme Some Leg. These cashmere and silk scarves are usually $118 but they marked down to $39!
I also got this Goodie Goodie pearl with pink and green bracelet. It was originally priced at $78 and today it was available for $34
Later today I ended up going to my local Lilly Signature Store and I got the Lockwood Dress in the print Get Nauti which was one of my favorites this summer. It was available on the online sale but not in this print. It was $118 marked down to $59. They did not have my size at our store so they called in an order to another NC store so I will have it on Thursday just in time before I go back to school :)
Can't wait for the next Lilly sale in January! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that Lockwood dress! I got the same murfee. So glad I snagged it before all of the murfees sold out!

    1. thanks! and yay twinning! yeah they've never been that low before