Things I love: Neon

This summer I have found myself very obsessed with neon clothes and accessories. I don't even know what it is about them, probably because there has been so much of it this spring/summer but I have bought quite a few neon items recently. I really love wearing it with white, so I think this will only be a spring/summer obsession but here are some of favorite neon items

My most recent is this J. Crew necklace, I got it on sale for only $20 when it was originally $60
I got these almost neon J. Crew chino shorts for only $17 (normally $45) and this top with neon pink, orange, and green sequins and was also on sale at J. Crew but I don't remember what I got it for but I really love it
When I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store opening that I recently blogged about I got these neon gingham shorts there and this neon belt from J. Crew that I got for only $5!
The same day as the Lilly Pulitzer store opening I got this neon pink sweater from J. Crew and almost neon gingham shirt from J. Crew Factory

Now here are some neon styles that I would love to own paired with neutrals

Neons with Neutrals: pink

Neon and Neutral- orange

Neons with Neutrals: yellow

Neons with Neutrals: Green

Thanks for reading!

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