My Favorite New Arrivals from Lilly Pulitzer and More!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've had a test or a mid term in almost every class either last week or this week, and our weather has been less than ideal for outfit posts. It's currently snowing, so I'm pretending it's not by looking at new arrivals from some of my favorite stores, here are some of my favorites!
Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly new arrivals

I have a bit of an obsession with peplum tops, the two tops here are must haves for me!
C Wonder
C Wonder new arrivals

The C Wonder home items are just too cute, and I'm in love with these cork wedges
J. Crew Factory
J. Crew Factory New Arrivals

I'm so glad they made the orange print shirt for the Factory, I tried to track it down from the retail store last year and they couldn't find one for me anywhere!
Hopefully Hannah and I can get back into outfit posts sometime soon, the weather forecast is finally starting to look up over the weekend!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. I really love the peplum tops from Lilly Pulitzer! They're too cute! I also love the orange print shirt - I was in the factory store the other day and fell in love!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. I love all these outfit picks, everything is so beautiful!


  3. The peplum tops form Lilly are to DIE for. I dont know why but I have been loving the classy look of Bee's lately! So I might have to get those earrings... hahah

    Love Always,

  4. I love all of your picks! Especially the J Crew ones! I've had my eye on that navy and red dress for a while! I might just need to get it one of these days.

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design