Last Year's Resolutions Revisited

Happy New Year!
I thought I would look back at the 14 Goals for 2014 Post I made and instead of just making new resolutions, see how those went and maybe just go off of them!
Last year's goals were:
1. Blog more 
I think I've done that a lot, considering I maybe had a few posts per month last year and now I try to have several per week. I have also changed my blog name since this was posted including my own domain.
2. Expand my Etsy shop 
I closed that, so no major progress there.
3. Invest in more makeup 
I did that! I don't always branch out for my daily routine much, but I definitely have more makeup than I did last year. 
4. Study more
This was because I'm not a dance major anymore and I had to get used to taking all real classes. But I think I have done that! Especially the semester after this was written. But this can always be continued for this year as well.
5. Get an Internship in a major city for the summer
I got interviews for 2 internships in New York City, but neither worked out. But I did intern at a local art museum by school this past semester!
6. Finish my dance minor
Not quite done yet, the internship got in the way, but I will be done with it after this next semester is over.
7. Collaborate with other bloggers
I have done that a few times since this post was written! And it's so fun, so it will stay on the list for this year too!
8. Invest in upgrading my camera
This was because I still use my Canon Rebel XSi I got for Christmas 5 years ago. But I am still considering it, I used the Canon SL1 at my internship this semester and I really liked it! So I might try to start saving up for it soon.
9. Get back in shape before I get back into dance
That was done. This was because I took 8 months off of ballet due to a back injury.
10. Try to save money
I don't think I even need to say that didn't happen...so I'll add that to this year's list. 
11. Learn more graphics
I did try some new things, but I haven't really been using them as much as I thought I would be. This will continue for this year.
12. Use my planner more
13. Style my hair during the week
I didn't do my hair very often last year at school during the week, but I have started to a lot more!
14. Expand my cooking abilities
Some of this was done, I plan on continuing with it this year!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Great that you accomplished most of them! You should be really proud! <3 Good luck on saving money and the dance minor! Have a fantastic year.


  2. That's amazing that you accomplished most of your resolutions! Hope 2015 goes as well for you!

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    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. Love it Cara! prepofthesouth.com