14 Goals for 2014

Happy 2014 everyone!
So I got this idea from Two Little Elephants, I'm going to list 14 goals for 2014. They aren't really resolutions, I'm not very good at those, these are just some things I want to keep in mind throughout this year
1. Blog more 
I want to try to make several posts every week and if I don't have a lot of time, at least 1 post a week
2. Expand my Etsy shop 
I started Chevron Stripe Shop last May, it has grown a whole lot since then and I want it to grow a lot more
3. Invest in more makeup 
I'm usually really simple with my makeup and I don't have whole lot, I want to try to just get more products and learn how to use them right
4. Study more
Since I'm not a dance major anymore, it was really weird not having any dance last semester and I spent way too much of my time I should have been studying just doing nothing. I really really need to change that
5. Get an Internship in a major city for the summer
I need an arts internship to graduate, but I really hope to get one in New York or Boston or another major city
6. Finish my dance minor
I only have 1 performance credit and 2 ballet classes left
7. Collaborate with other bloggers
I loved collaborating with Majda back in November, and I hope to work with more people in the same or similar ways
8. Invest in upgrading my camera
I got my Canon Rebel XSi for Christmas/16th birthday present, considering that I'll be 20 next week I think I would really benefit by upgrading to a T3i or T5i to improve blog posts
9. Get back in shape before I get back into dance
I know, I know, this is the never lived out resolution, but since I injured my back last spring I really haven't done any regular exercise and since we have a J Term this year, I need to use it taking yoga class or at least stretching every day to get ready to start dancing again spring semster
10. Try to save money
Key word "try", I just need to slow down some of my spending if I'll be interning instead of working this summer 
11. Learn more graphics
Recently I made my new banner and signature, and I would like to learn how to do more graphic related things for my blog
12. Use my planner more
I love my Lilly planner so much, but I really don't use it as much as I should
13. Style my hair during the week
At school I don't straighten/curl my hair very often during the week. I know it doesn't really matter for college but I know it looks a lot better when I just spend 5-10 minutes on it
14. Expand my cooking abilities
When it comes to cooking, I usually just make macaroni and cheese or other pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches or pizza...I can bake just about anything but I really really need to expand what I can cook

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  1. Really great goals! Good luck and Happy New Year!


  2. I'm an arts management minor, so I'm looking at internships for the summer in New York City! If you ever want to talk about it, just email me! I've been doing a lot of research!

  3. good luck with your goals this year; looks like a great list full, challenging but attainable!

    i am totally with you on buying and learning how to use more makeup. i finally jumped on the lipstick bandwagon and am shocked how much it can change my face and pull a look together!

    i also really need to learn how to do more graphic stuff for my blog. i am still so new to blogging and trying to figure it out as i go while balancing a full time job and it can just be tough to find time. i plan to consciously make more time this year! ps your header and especially your signature are so great!

    xo mary-katherine

  4. Good luck with your 14 goals! It's an amazing list for 2014 :)

    -Adele { wild ♡ sunsets }

  5. Hi I've just discovered your blog!

    You have good goals for 2014 and I hope you'll reach them :) I should visit your etsy shop. I think that etsy is an amazing website because you can find everything you want on it!

    Saving money? I'm so bad at it haha I hope you'll save money better than me...

    Good continuation! I'll definitely follow your blog

    XX Gaga from http://preppy-navy.blogspot.com

  6. These are great resolutions! I hope to do almost all the same! :)