Going Back to Ballet After 8 Months Off

Hi everyone! So if you don't know already, I've been training in classical ballet since I was 3 years old. I entered college as a dance major, thinking that I wanted to dance professionally after college. After the first few months of college, I realized that was not true anymore. Ballet went from being what I loved more than anything to nothing but stress. I just felt like I would never be good enough and that life as a dancer just wouldn't be fun, so I dropped to a dance minor. I changed my major to Arts Management, hopefully I will use this major to work on the administrative side of the dance world. I still love ballet, I just do not really enjoy doing it anymore. In May of last year, I injured my spine, so I haven't really danced regularly since then. I rested all summer, and I tried to take a ballet class this fall but my back still bothered me. I have 2 and a half years left of college and 2 ballet classes left to finish the minor so I took last semester off. We had a J Term, which ended Friday, so tomorrow is the beginning of spring semester and my return to ballet. 

Hannah is in this one!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. These images are absolutely gorgeous! I hope that returning to dance with less pressure will bring some of the joy back!

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  2. Love these Ballet pictures! Simply beautiful.

    xo Dev