How a Southerner Stays Warm in the Northern Winter

Hi everyone! If you're a new reader, you might know that I was born and raised in North Carolina and lived there my whole life. But, for college I go to school in the northwestern region of Pennsylvania. We are actually just across Lake Erie from Canada and the city my school is in is the #1 snowiest city in America. And that's not an exaggeration, 84.5 inches of snow for 2013-2014! This was quite an adjustment for a girl from a place where the average winter temperature is 49 degrees! Since this is my sophomore year, I have kind of developed a system of how to stay warm when we have temperatures around 10 or lower with windchill in the negatives. This week, and it looks like next week is full of those kinds of days, so here is how I typically dress for class for the cold.

Surviving the Cold- set 1

J Crew j crew shirt / Calvin klein jacket / J Brand jeans / Navy pants, $16 / J.Crew waterproof boots / Paul Smith scarve, $82 / Lord Taylor glove / Dorothy Perkins accessory / J.Crew Men's camp socks
I wear basically something like this for days like today, it's currently 8 degrees with a windchill of -2. My long puffer coat is kinda big on me since I'm so short, but it keeps me really warm! Earmuffs are the best for the wind, and wearing fleece lined leggings or just regular leggings under jeans is always really warm. Also I swear by J. Crew camp socks, I may or may not have 7 pairs of them...

Surviving the Cold- Set 2

J Crew blue cashmere sweater / Patagonia clothing / 7 For All Mankind pink pants, $300 / Hunter socks, $37 / Murfee Scarf Crystal Water Trippin And Sippin / Splendid cashmere glove / Hunter Kids Original Gloss Rain Boots
This second set is typically what I wear when there is snow on the ground, but it's about 30 degrees. Corduroys are great because they're just a little warmer than jeans, Hunter boots with the welly socks are nice and warm, and Lilly murfee scarves are super soft and give a great touch of color!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I need to get myself a Patagonia jacket. Washington weather is nothing like where you are from, but it does get really chilly! I want both a fleece and a puffy jacket. I can't decide which to get first!

    Constance || Prep Northwest