Green Under $100 for St. Patrick's Day

 Rayne Necklace | Check Shirt | Essie's "Pretty Edgy" | Plaid Scarf | Square Studs | Buckle Crossbody Bag | Scallop Dress | Wrap Dress

Anyone else excited for St. Patrick's Day? My college, Mercyhurst University is very proud of their Irish Catholic origin. So St. Patrick's Day was always a really big deal up there. It's basically the biggest holiday during the school year. However this  year, I will be attending a non-profit conference. Quite a contrast from the last three years as a college student, but either way I will be wearing some green. Here is some of my inspiration for a green outfit! If you don't have a green top or dress or anything, I've always found it easier to add green accessories to neutral colors like navy, black, or gray. Or just some green nail polish might be all you need!

Thanks for reading!


  1. These pieces are so cute! I love the green, scalloped dress!


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green plaid shirt! Such a cute piece for St. Patty's Day that you can do so much with before, during, and after the holiday!

    Darrian // www.ohshiftyall.com