Shirtdresses Under $100

$58 Unique Vintage Sunglasses Print Shirtdress
$88 Aqua Chambray Shirtdress
$75 Topshop Mix and Match Shirtdress
$50 Noho Gingham Shirtdress
$40 Tommy Hilfiger Belted Shirtdress
$88 Banana Republic Cotton Oxford Shirtdress
$65 Modcloth "At a Blocks for Words" Shirtdress
$40 Signature by Sangria Sleeveless Shirtdress
$80 Modcloth "Within Outreach" Shirtdress
$90 Calvin Klein Palm Print Shirtdress

I've noticed that shirtdresses have really gained popularity over the last year or so. I think they are such a nice silhouette, so feminine and classic. I love how the sleeveless versions have a dressy  feel, and the long sleeved ones can be more casual. I plan on buying at least one before this summer is over. I think I would wear it to work and church quite a lot. So here are my favorites that are all priced under $100!

Thanks for reading!

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