Splurge or Save: Swimwear

$138 blue one-piece vs. $34 blue one-piece
$141 scalloped top and $141 bottom vs. $28 scalloped top and $23 bottom
$389 peplum one-piece vs. $68 peplum tankini top and $56 high-waist bottom
$56 gingham top and $48 gingham bottom vs. $25 gingham top vs. $20 gingham bottom (high waist pictured, linked is a more similar style to the $48 pair)
$220 olive one-piece vs. $35 olive one-piece

I feel like I end up making one of these posts every year...so here is the 2018 edition! I have been noticing some beautiful swimwear lately, and some of the prices are shockingly high. Luckily, I have also noticed some more affordable swimwear with some similar looks! I don't think anyone is surprised that my picks include scallop edges and gingham, but I also really like these one-pieces with the colorful details. I have not worn a lot of one-piece swimsuits since middle school, but there are so many cute ones out now, even the simple ones like this olive green one. Maybe I will end up adding another one to my closet before pool season officially starts!

Thanks for reading!

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