Favorite Activewear Pieces

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite activewear pieces. These are the pieces I always tend to grab first when I am getting ready for a workout. They don't come from retailers you would probably first consider for activewear, but I think they also represent my personal style, even while working out. When I first started getting into workout classes, I was not really into paying a lot for my activewear pieces. Mostly because I did not know if I would get much wear out of them. About a year and a half later, I have been able to find some great prices on some more expensive pieces, and have been surprised how well some very affordable pieces have held up!

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic leggings
 I think these leggings were my first splurge piece in the activewear category, I doubt anyone is surprised that they are from Lilly Pulitzer! I did end up finding them discounted (I think around $70), but they sell for $108. I just couldn't resist the fun print, and they are so soft. I found another pair during the last After Party Sale for $59 (that I posted about here) to add another fun print to my collection. A few pairs of my cheaper leggings have extra length and do not fit very well, but these are a perfect fit. They have also held up so well! Depending on the top I wear them with, I sometimes wish they were high waisted. But they have started making a high waisted style recently! Or if you prefer cropped length, those are also available.

New Balance for J. Crew leggings
This exact style isn't available anymore, but this style is super similar. They are priced at $95 but I believe I found this pair for around $40 about this time last year. I think they are very nice material that still looks brand new after a lot of wear. They are a great fit and they wick moisture well in classes like hot yoga. I also love having solid navy as an alternative to the basic black workout leggings.

New Balance for J. Crew Racerback tank
I am a big fan of 2-in-1 tops, especially on days where I change at work to head straight to a workout, because it is 1 less piece to bring with me. I have this top in both the stripes shown above and the solid navy. I like that it is fitted (but not "too fitted") and a slightly shorter length. I also think the higher cut on the neck is very flattering. Similar to the New Balance for J. Crew leggings, I mentioned above, it is made of a really nice material that still looks new after lots of wear. I also found a pretty good deal on this top, I found both the striped (last year) and solid version (this year) for around $25 each. I do have to say I don't think the sizing is very consistent though. The solid version I recently bought was a little tight compared to the striped version from last year, but I'm hoping it will loosen up as a I wear it more.

Old Navy Go-Dry Top
I have been pleasantly surprised at how well Old Navy's activewear tops hold up for the price I paid for them! I bought something very similar to this style in 2 colors when I first got into taking classes for about $10 each. They are both still in great shape after a lot of wear. So I recently bought 2 more of their tops, including this fun print (for I think $8 each). I cannot say the same for the leggings from Old Navy, but again, I did not expect them to last very long for the price.

Nike Roshe sneaker
I don't wear these shoes to actually run, but I liked them enough to get them in another color! I usually just wear them to walk into the studio for my workouts, sometimes to walk around a park or my neighborhood. However I have worn them for a few classes that were a little different from my typical barre/yoga/aerial routine, and I really liked them. I have mentioned this before, but I wear a size 5.5 in women's which is the same as a size 4 in kid's size. Which is also about half the price as the adult version!

Thanks for reading!

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