3 Years in Charlotte

Photos by Deeana Kourtney Photography

eShakti jumpsuit c/o | Similar earrings | Similar shoes | Similar bag (bought at vintage market) | Bracelet made at Beads Inc. | Prada sunglasses

3 years ago today, I moved into the studio apartment that I still call my home in Charlotte. I moved here a few months after I graduated from college, after spending some time back with my parents in Greensboro, NC. I like to reflect on the years (like I shared 10 things I love about Charlotte last year, and reflected on my first year) because I feel like I have grown and learned so much since I moved here at 22. I think this has been a great place to figure out who I am as an adult. Growing up in North Carolina, I always enjoyed day trips to Charlotte and thought I would enjoy living here. I think it has been even more than I ever expected, with the amazing people I have met (from my wonderful boyfriend to great gal pals), and the fun activities around town. It seems like there is always either a new restaurant or brewery to try, a free workout to pop into, or an event to attend in this growing city. I know I mentioned this in my first year post but I want to get some local travel guide posts put together with some of the best of Charlotte. But I'll probably tell you a lot of what you could already read on Charlotte Agenda. So if you are new to the area or taking a trip here, check there first!

P.S. this amazing jumpsuit is from eShakti, they have endless options of clothes you can customize to fit your exact measurements! If you have been reading here awhile, you might remember I have worked with them a few times before (2014, 2015, 2018), and I have loved each piece I have received from them. One of my favorite things about their customization is that beyond making sure the garment is the right length (which can be so hard for petite ladies), you can even choose to add sleeves or change the straps. I added the tie-straps on this jumpsuit, and have shortened sleeves on a piece before. They also have so many classic and feminine styles to choose from. I looked through pages upon pages of dresses before I found this jumpsuit!

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  1. Yay happy 3 years! And what a cute jumpsuit!

    xoxo A

  2. Yay for 3 years in Charlotte! I love how bright + colorful this jumpsuit is!