Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: In-Store Preview September 2019

Who is excited to shop this season's Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?! If you haven't already heard the news, there were in-store preview days on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th. The full sale launches online at 8am on Monday, September 9th, and will last until midnight on Wednesday, September 11th. I was busy traveling and spending some time in Raleigh this weekend, but I did get to stop at a Lilly store on the way home to check out the sale. Here are some of the fun styles I saw in store, keep reading to find out about sizing, what I saw in the store, and my shopping tips!

Pearl romper in pink- $64 (from $178)
Cyndi dress in "Yeah Bouy"print- $54 (from $178)
Sahar romper in navy- $54 (from $168)
Marla romper in "Sun Drenched" print- $59 (full price was covered, I'm guessing $158?) 

Shelli dress in "Fiesta Bamba" print- $64 (from $168)
Cyndi navy eyelet dress- $54 (from $198)
Kristen dress in "Little Flamenco" print- $54 (the full price was covered, but I'm guessing it was $158)
Jess patchwork romper- $74 (from $158)

Dusk tank- $39 (from $88)
Mylee shorts in "Clawdia" print- $29 (from $78, and I sized up)
Mila shift dress in "Hot on the Scene" print-  $64 (from $178)

The store portion of the sale opened up Saturday morning, and it may have been pretty picked over by the time I got to it on Sunday afternoon. But I noticed there were a lot of dresses left,  and a lot of their romper styles that look like dresses. I tried on several of those above, and noticed the sizing runs a little short. I would suggest going up a size in those styles, as my regular size felt a little tight and not very comfortable. However I thought the dresses seemed pretty true to size, although some styles this year seemed to be made in longer lengths. I also noticed a lot of shorts, a few tanks, and some swim styles in store today. This sale seemed to have much less accessories (jewelry, bags, scarves), pants, activewear, and sleeved tops than in years past. The pricing looked pretty consistent compared to past sales, with most items ranging between $40 to $80, and most everything was under $100. For the first time ever, I actually held off on buying anything in this store portion of the sale. This is only because the styles I really loved were a little too similar to ones I already have in my closet. But maybe I'll find a few things once it opens online! I'm hoping for some wedding guest dresses and silk tops. Best of luck, and happy shopping! What will you be hoping to score?

As always, here are my shopping tips if this is your first APS:
The Sale FAQ page from Lilly answers most of your typical questions you may have about the sale. But here are a few things I would add to it:

1. Create an account if you do not have one already, and make sure you are signed in the night before. It is also good to have your shipping addresses and payment information saved, to save time while all of your favorite items are going so quickly! If you shop on multiple devices (which I recommend), make sure you are signed in on each one, including the mobile app.

2. Know your sizes, all items are final sale. If you haven't bought anything from Lilly over the last few years, I have noticed some of the sizing is not as consistent as it used to be.

3. There are always disclaimers to expect delays for shipping and processing. But from my experience, I usually have my items within a week or so. Although this last sale last year took a bit longer than usual.

4. You will be placed in a virtual line to enter the sale. It used to be a good practice to place multiple orders to keep things from getting pulled out of your cart, because the shipping is always free. However, this is no longer a good idea. Because you will be placed back in line after your first order has been submitted. And I have learned that using multiple devices is really helpful for the line. It also makes the line seem much longer than it really is, if most people in line are on 2 or more devices. But, I have always found that one device gets far ahead of the others. The website sometimes crashes due to the traffic, but it what it is!

5. From the last few sales, some of the items were not marked down as much as they have been in the past. Over the years, I have noticed the best deals are on casual dresses, small accessories, tops, and sometimes scarves!

Thanks for reading!

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