Game day in Tiger Town!

Since I went home for Fall Break last weekend, I got to experience game day at Clemson University! I've kind of grown up going to Clemson games since my dad went there, and several of my cousins have more recently gone there, but we would go when they played Wake Forest or Duke because it was closer to home. Now my boyfriend goes there, and this is the first one I've gone to in Death Valley, which was quite the experience! My school's football team is Division 2, so we don't have any tailgates (we don't even have an actual stadium) and the ideal apparel for them is a school sweatshirt and jeans. It was so fun to wear a game day dress! I always get really jealous scrolling through Instagram seeing my friends and other bloggers at southern schools all dressed up at tailgates. The game was super close at the end, but the tigers won 23-17! 
Really bad panorama, but so much orange!
I was a little obsessed with the balloons they let off at the beginning of the game 
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  1. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! In the PNW, we all wear jeans and sweatshirts/tees to football games. It must have been so fun to dress up!

    Constance || Prep Northwest