My 5 Essentials for Productivity

I mostly need to be productive when I'm of course doing schoolwork, working at my internship, and putting together content for my blog, and it's not always very easy for me, so here is my method!
1. Coffee
As a college student, I basically always need a mocha or a chai tea latte either in the morning or in the late afternoon. Just a little caffeine to keep me awake and focused, especially for those 8am and around 2:30pm classes!
2. Getting all of the small things out of the way
If I have a test to study for or some posts to schedule, I just need to get everything else that needs to be done (unless it's like a giant project that's due on the same day or something) first, like eating dinner, if I'm going to my internship pre-making my lunch for the next day, stuff like that. And once all of that is off my mind, then I can really focus on the task at hand.
3. Having an organized planner
Is my room organized? No. Are my notes organized? Also no. But my agenda is always organized, It is color coded for classes, my internship, and blog posts! As you can see, it's been my system for the past few years.
4. Giving myself time to get distracted
It's inevitable that I'll end up on Instagram or something when I'm trying to be productive, especially if I'm writing a paper for a class, so I tend to give myself a ton of time to get things fully done!
5. Taking frequent breaks
I have trouble staying really intently focused for a really long time, so taking a break every 30 minutes or so is always helpful! Whether it's having a snack or if it's at night, planning my outfit for the next day, you need time to process things while being productive!
How do you stay productive? And for any other go-getters out there with ideas for small businesses but can't do it all on your own, Kabbage.com can help you out!
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Love this post!! I can totally relate to numbers 4 and 5. :-) Definitely good to allow yourself extra time for breaks and breathing!!

    xoxo A